What will be new in the Avast 6 Free Antivirus?

Every-time and Any-time, if you want comprehensive protection for your device then only one name comes in mind, Avast Antivirus. It is specifically designed to provide real-time protection to your device from the latest threats, virus, and malware. This antivirus not only works effectively but it also enhances your device performance. With this effective product, you are now eligible to conduct a safe and secure online transaction. It is one of the trusted and effective antivirus programs that not only detect, scan and remove the virus and threat but also block the way from where they come. If you are new to this antivirus then contact Avast Technical Help UK to get connected with the experts for more information.

By keeping the enhanced threats and advanced hackers in mind, Avast Antivirus is updated with a new version, “Avast 6 Free Antivirus”. This version is coming soon and you will not need to pay for it. This antivirus is going to take Pro features and advantages to everyone who is not able to buy the commercial edition. It is also for those who simply went with the Free Edition because they cannot afford the paid version or always look for free solutions.

Well, it is essential to know “What new and amazing things are included in Avast 6 Free Antivirus?” Already Avast is providing excellent protection and service to its users then, why one should go for the coming version?

Let’s take an overview of the Avast 6 Free Antivirus’s features:

First, it is coming with Auto Sandbox technology. However, this feature already is already available with Avast 5 pro, “The Previous Edition”. But now, it is upgraded at a higher level and is also included in the Avast 6 Free Antivirus setup. It allows you to run suspicious and unwanted files without any risk of compromising with the integrity of your Operating system. This feature is ideal for those users who actually don’t care and don’t wish to know about the virtualization, the Auto Sandbox prompts them to run the suspicious files in a safe and secure virtual environment without asking for any exchange.

Along with this, Avast 6 Free Antivirus is also coming is two more features that were only available to the paid product. These two are “Script Shield and Site Blocking”. These two features are fantastic and will help you to stay safe from malicious and unwanted scripts if found on different websites. The Site Blocking will help you to forbid access to those sites which your kids should not see.

Apart from above the upcoming version of Avast comes with the WebRep plugin for Firefox and IE. It is a code that allows you to merge the data from the internal virus lab of Avast and community votes to rate the websites that are based on the safety and security they actually offer. If you wish to get this version as it gets released in the market then Avast Toll-Free Number UK for assistance. At last, you must be aware that Avast 6 Free Edition is coming with a lot of improvements and fixes that works like a charm with all popular Windows version.


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