What is The Resolution of AOL Desktop Gold Running Slow?

AOL Desktop Gold sometimes runs sluggishly and slow due to which you get stuck and want to get t resolved quickly because there are lots of work that is pending due to its slow performance. It is very simple to use and all-in-one desktop which you know and definitely love with mail, content, browsing search and now comes with:

• Automatic updates which save your time and space on your computer by automatically replacing out-dated versions as the latest one become available
• The premium security feature will help to prevent your AOL account from being hacked and compromised

Along with these good things, AOL Desktop Gold runs slow and sluggish due to which you sometimes get stuck. Let’s move with its causes and its resolution method so that you can enjoy its benefits without any hassle and issue.

AOL Desktop Gold Support

Causes of this issue:

• Sometimes background running applications cause slow computer
• Due to overloaded files and data on your system
• If you don’t have a strong and stable internet connection
• Might be the router is not connecting to the server
• Harmful malware, and virus programs acts as barrier to stop the desktop gold performance • Too many add-ons on the browser causes slow issue
• There is a possibility that you are using outdated software and therefore it is not running properly

Resolution methods for AOL Gold Running Slowly error:

Method 1: Restart the Computer System

At times, the simplest solution is termed as the best and effective solution to resolve this error Rebooting the system will help in slowing a variety of minor errors which is actually affecting the software to run excellently. The RAM will be removed and also the temporary data which is slowing down the computer will get deleted when you reboot the system. Restarting also helps to reset the Internet connection that enables the gold software to execute effectively. Just go to the Start Menu option which is placed at the left corner of the screen and click on the Restart option.

Method 2: Check the Network Connection

It is one of the causes of this slow working issue but commonly it is ignored by all.
The issue is that if the internet connection is slow then it will increase such errors
You have to also check the cables which are connected to the modem, router, and also the system
If any download operation is going on then, the internet connection might be slow. Therefore, it is advisable to improve this and for that, you need to restrict all the download operations which were going on in the system.

Method 3: Reinstall the Software

Due to some technical issue which has come up due to regularly running of the software or for any other cause all you need to do is to reinstall the software
Before installing all you need to do is to check the requirements of the software. This should meet the specification which is required to download the software
Then, you can start with the download procedure and install it and check if the issue AOL Desktop Gold running Slow has been repaired or not.

Method 4: Disable Startup Programs

If there are any programs that are known as Windows startup programs, you need to close all of them
The startup programs list will go on growing if you are installing more software in the system. Not all programs that are available on the desktop provide rise to the issue.
Disabling those programs that give rise to the issue will help to boost the time and the software will run fast

The error AOL Gold Running Slowly can be resolved by anyone and the procedures are very easy. But if you are not able to do it then get complete assistance for the experts by calling on AOL Support UK, they will assist you with step by step resolution guidance.


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