What are the quick ways to download Bitdefender Antivirus?

If you are looking for an excellent security software program for your device then, Bitdefender is the best choice for you. This antivirus is the best security software that comes with security tools that are capable enough to fight against viruses, malware threats, and unwanted bugs. You can easily download this antivirus on your device but some users get stuck with the installation downloading procedure and for those users this post is ideal. In this guide, we will discuss the quick ways to download Bitdefender Help number UK antivirus.

To install Bitdefender 2020 on your device, access your Central account and download the kit and then, follow the steps appears on the screen

What are the quick ways to download Bitdefender Antivirus?

Bitdefender 2020 comes with several next-gen technologies that provide the best protection available on the market. Apart from this, the detection in the previous Bitdefender versions has been extended over new, potentially, unwanted applications, and the new cyber threat intelligence technologies included can examine and recognize suspicious network-level activities and more.

• Access your Bitdefender Central account
• Click on My Devices and My Devices window and click on the Install Protection option
• Select one of the below-given available options which you will see on your screen:

1. Install Bitdefender on the PC you are using just by clicking on Protect this device, or you can install it On another device

2. If you select to install it on another device, click on Protect other devices, choose the corresponding operating system and after that, click on Continue and type an email address in the required field and click on Send

• Wait unless the download is completed and then run the installer. You will see a download window and then, you will see the main install window
• You can select your install language before proceeding with the installation
• Click on Install to confirm your preferences and start the installation. Wait for the installation to finish. Now, you will see a summary of the installation. If any active malware was detected and removed during the installation, a system restart might be needed
• Click on Start Using Bitdefender to complete the installation procedure. The new Bitdefender 2020 interface will have appeared on your screen

Installation of Bitdefender on another device:

If the subscription you have purchased covers more than one device and you can use your Bitdefender Central account to safeguard a second or another device for that,

• First of all, access Bitdefender Central
• Choose the My Devices panel
• In the My Devices window and click on Install Protection
• Click on the Protect other devices
• Select the device owner, and after that, you have two options
• When accessed, the link will open a page and click on Download & Install and an executable will be downloaded to your device
• Run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen steps to install Bitdefender

These are a very easy way to download and install Bitdefender on your device and sometimes, the user might face issue while downloading it and in such cases, it is suggested to send a Download link and for that, you have to follow a few steps

• You can click on the Send Download Link
• After that, type an email accessible from the device mentioned earlier and then, click on Send Email
• Bitdefender will send an email with the download link and click on the Download Now link
• You will be then redirected to a page and click on Download and Install and an executable will be downloaded to your device
• Run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen steps to install Bitdefender

Follow the above-given steps to finish the procedure and make sure that you are using a strong and stable internet connection. Call on Bitdefender Support Number UK to get connected with the technical teams for instant and reliable help. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can.


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