The easy guide to Access AOL Mail from smart device and iOS

Nowadays, people prefer using a mobile phone instead of a Laptop or Computer. And as we all know, technology is growing very fast and by seeing this every email service has its own mobile application. You can easily install that app from the Play Store or App Store. AOL mail is also available in mobile application and one can easily install it. It has the same features and performance as its real version. Now, the question arises, how to access it from Mobile Phone. In this guide, we will discuss the exact steps to access AOL Mail from smart devices such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. You can get instant help from the technical experts by calling on AOL Contact Service UK.

 The easy guide to Access AOL Mail from smart device and iOS

Follow the given steps for a complete and correct procedure to set up AOL from your Smart Device:

AOL Email Settings on Android:

If you want to access your AOL account on the android device then, follow the below-given steps

⦁ First of all, go to your mail app and then choose settings
⦁ Click on Add a new email account
⦁ Select IMAP (AOL IMAP Settings)
⦁ Enter your complete AOL email address and password and then select Manual Setup
⦁ Now in the incoming settings screen, enter the following information that is:

1. Username: email
2. Password: UW email- wachtwoord
3. Incoming server:
4. Incoming port: 993
5. Security type: SSL

⦁ Click on ‘Next’ and now in the outgoing settings screen, enter the following:

1. Outgoing server:
2. To outgoing port: 587
3. Security type: ssl
4. Authorization required: yes
5. Username: email
6. Password: your email password

⦁ Click on ‘Next’ and enter your preferences in the upcoming screen and type your username and password

⦁ Now, click on Ok to save the changes and then exit the window

AOL Email Settings iPhone

Just like Android device users, iOS users can also add their AOL Mail account on the Apple devices. You can get below the required AOL Mail settings to add the AOL Account on your iPhone

⦁ First of all, click on your Email account and then go to Settings
⦁ Now, click on Passwords and Accounts and then click on Add Account
⦁ Click on other and then click on Add Mail Account
⦁ Enter our name, email address, password along with a description for your AOL Mail account
⦁ Tap on Next and mail will then try to get the email settings and ill automatically finish the account setup process
⦁ Click on Done to finish your account setup process

Also, make sure that you have entered the SMTP and IMAP settings just as mentioned below while setting the AOL account on your iPhone.

AOL Email on iPad:

If you have an AOL Login email account then you might want to add it to your iPhone or iPad for the ease of checking and sending emails from the address right from iPadOS or iOS.

The procedure of adding an email account to an iPhones and iPad is the same on both devices, although the procedure is demonstrated with the screenshot from an iPad everything is similar on iPhone and here how it actually works:

⦁ First of all, open the ‘Settings’ app on the iPad
⦁ Now, scroll down and then select ‘Password & Accounts’
⦁ Select ‘Add Account’ that appears under the accounts section
⦁ Choose ‘AOL’ as the account type
⦁ Login and then, authenticate with the AOL email account address and login password displayed at the screen

Select whether you want to have Notes, Mail, or anything else synced to the device after that, select Save to add the email account to the iPad

AOL Email on Blackberry:

⦁ To add an AOL Mail account by using the Blackberry Internet Service, finish the following steps:
⦁ First of all, log into the Blackberry smartphone user’s Blackberry Internet Service account
⦁ Click on Setup Account and then, enter the Blackberry smartphone user’s full email address and password
⦁ Confirm the password and read & accept the AOL license agreement
⦁ Below are the settings to be utilized to add the AOL Account to the Blackberry 10:


⦁ Username:
⦁ Password:
⦁ Server Address:
⦁ Port: 995
⦁ Use SSL: Yes


⦁ SMTP Username:
⦁ SMTP Password:
⦁ SMTP Server Address:
⦁ SMTP Port: 465
⦁ SMTP Encryption: SSL

These are the given steps to add AOL Account on Android and iPad and iPhone. Call on AOL Customer Care Helpline Number to get instant help regarding any AOL related issue or even f you are facing any error with AOL Mail. The teams are available 24x7 to help you in any manner they can. They are highly experienced and serve their best to provide reliable support to you.


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