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Useful Readings about Computer and Internet Security

Online attacks can never be taken too seriously. In fact, they are always more serious than we can imagine, mainly because of the consequences that they can lead to. If your online identity is not defended successfully, you become susceptible to identity theft, malfunctioning mobile and computer devices, loss of data and more. You sensitive, personal data can be targeted by malicious viruses and that makes it absolutely essential that you keep your walls up. The best shield that you can put up against such a risk in a cocktail of the best antivirus or security software out there and your personal knowledge. To do so, it is also important that you always stay up to date.

A software installed for protecting you will assist in identifying phishing sites and malicious software. Several phishing sites are presented with the façade of being authentic organizations, but all they do is commit online fraud. Many websites offer your free downloads and in turn give your system sneaky little infections and ransomware. Norton products know all this and are designed to protect you from these sites. Of course, as a user you will always need to stay secure, no matter how strong your security software is.

With online security centres that are set up just to help you comprehend how you can efficiently use your Norton security software, protect your system from malicious attacks and protect your own self from crimes like identity theft. Not many people understand how absolutely crucial Norton products and the likes of it are in order to guard your online presence. It also takes away a lot of your stress, as you can now log on to any website, shop online, conduct your business online, share data, and not worry about any breach in security. To constantly worry if your online presence has been compromised is never a good feeling, and Norton knows that.

Norton 360 Standard, Deluxe, and Select with LifeLock


Symantec’s Norton software is an award winning software designed to grant its users an experience of a protection that has the strength demanded by professionals. The Norton 360 has an ease of installation that is hard to match, integrates with your system as though they were meant to be together and delivers results that are dynamic. All of this just to give you the best possible protection. Your computer is given an indestructible shield against identity theft and cyber security threats and your data and online activities are safeguarded.

Norton 360 does its work in the background, quietly doing all the heavy lifting so that you have the absolute assurance of complete protection without any hinderance in your operations.

This is done through a combination of technologies and security tools, making it the perfect choice for both, personal use and professional use; especially if you are a small business. All of the Norton security products are compatible with android platforms, iOS, Mac OS X and Windows. So, download Norton 360 if you haven’t already and ensure your family’s and your own safety. The software is capable of running on multiple devices, thanks to the host of technologies that come together to make this possible. All devices that are connected are subjected to the same level of protection. You can compare the types of subscription that are available and choose the one that suits your best. Each of these subscription comes with free technical support that is available all day every day.



The suite for Norton 360 brings to its users smart firewall capabilities, start-up manager assistance, parental controls, system protection tools, anti-phishing monitoring and insights into your system and your files. Moreover, it detects botnets automatically, making sure that your system is safe and is protected against any online hackers. Some other features that are included are vulnerability protection, SONAR behavioural protection, Norton Download Insight, Norton Insight, pulse Updates, Rootkit Protection and more.

All of the computer users who opt for Norton 360 become receivers of sophisticated benefits irrespective of whether they are experienced programmer or a novice, because every single person need to be secure, safe, efficient and protected. Immediately after the purchase of Norton 360 is made, the software can be downloaded and installed so that its users can start to remove and monitor any damaging viruses as quickly and as easily as possible. It is essential to Norton creators that those who are dealing with sensitive information never have to fear that their sensitive information can be compromised your hard drive is left clean, your filed and data are secure, and your application run smoothly.

Norton 360 2019 is new and advanced. As a testament to that, it assures that its working is faster than ever, and there is a lower use of memory when it is compared to any other program. After all, performance should not hinder just because the user realises the importance of absolute protection. Any unrequired programs that slow down the start-up times are turned off so your system runs more efficiently and fast. In fact, the Norton 360 Standard and Deluxe, apart from safeguarding your data while working through a wireless network, also locate and delete unneeded files, perform PC backup operations and PC tune ups, locate and delete unnecessary files and perform hard drive defragmentation. Additionally the Norton 360 with LifeLock Select ensure prevention of identity theft.

Every fifteen minutes, Norton 360 performs a check against any new virus definitions and delivers a legitimate solution for any cyber security needs that may arise. Because a one stop system is enabled for passwords and logins, you can be sure that your identity is protected. Phishing scams are thwarted and any keyloggers are prevented from tracking you or your information. The unmatchable Symantec network takes it upon itself to make sure that you do not unintentionally visit website that are dangerous and fraudulent so that your shopping or personal data online is completely safe.

Norton 360 Works on Mac Computers


The Norton device does not discriminate on the basis of anything. Mac based systems can also receive Norton’s excellent services, with no hiccups at all. The new Norton 360 covers the challenge that mixed OS presents. A single subscription is enough to protect your Windows based devices and OS X based computers.

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