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Common Problems & Solutions

We are bringing to you some of the most common complaints by Kaspersky users and their simple solutions straight from the Kaspersky customer services’ desk. They will come in handy when dealing with problems with Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky antivirus.

Install Kaspersky Antivirus


To install the program without leaving any space for errors, the steps below should suffice. However, if you wish a complete, detailed guide, it can be accessed on the Kaspersky website.

Step 1. Turn off all your programs running in the background and check whether you system meets the system requirements.

Step 2. From the Official website for Kaspersky, download its installer.

Step 3. Select install after running the installer file with administrator privilege.

Step 4. This will cause the installer to start the installation along with the update

Step 5. Once the license window pops up, agree to its conditions and tap on agree.

Step 6. Let the installation complete.

Activate Kaspersky Antivirus on Multiple Devices


The moment you purchase your software, you are given an activation code. This single code is to be used on each of your computers on which you wish to install the application. In case you happen to misplace the code, you can contact the customer service via their phone number or simply log in to your Kaspersky account and go through your subscription. You should find your code here. Another thing you need to do is to download the latest version of the installer from the official website on your device.

Renew Your Kaspersky Subscription


When your software expires, you will have to renew your license. Once you do renew the license, activate the software using the new code you are given it is crucial that the date on your system is correct before the renewal begins, else it may not take place at all. If it is too much trouble, just set the software up for auto renewal so the next time there is supposed to be a renewal, it will happen automatically.

Update Kaspersky Internet Security


The Kaspersky Internet security get updated automatically under normal circumstances. If that is not the case, connect your computer to the internet, right click on the icon for Kaspersky internet security and then in the shortcut menu, tap on update. If nothing works, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the software. Kaspersky normally checks and connects with the update server on a regular basis, automatically updating its virus definitions in order to provide you with complete security. However, if that is also not happening, it is best to contact the Kaspersky Customer Services as leaving your device unprotected is a huge risk.

How does it work?


Kaspersky Total security has been tested on several types of viruses and in it was successful in recognizing every single one of them. This is much better than any other option available in the market. Additionally, Kaspersky also does an excellent job at offering an interface that is seamless, with all your options outlined right in front of you and every other quality you could possibly want is presented right in front of you.

The additional features like privacy, parental control and so on, are also impressive. You will have many unique options, like the sharing features. However, it is best to keep your option unique by customizing and optimizing them according to your needs. Thus, the software will adapt to you, rather you having to adapt to it.

Some users may find the firewall a tad bit intrusive due to the sounds it makes. However, these sounds can simply be muted. But when it comes to doing its job, the firewall is efficient and offers the functionality and value that a user needs. It also conducts regular check of the system to look for missing patches. The webcam control has an added spyware protection along with a safe money option that keeps you safe whenever you perform any transactions.

Is it worth it?


Kaspersky Total Security has a lot to offer, along with a pretty popular and effective parental control feature, shredding and encryption features, an exceptional backup manager among others. With that is mind, the cost automatically takes a back seat, because there can really be no price for an individual and their family’s safety. Kaspersky has proved itself to be reliable and effective.

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