How to troubleshoot Bitdefender Free Update failure 2019?

Bitdefender Antivirus is known for its efficient work as it provides complete protection against virus, malware, and Trojans. With the rise of online fraud and identity cases, Bitdefender Antivirus 2019 provides the user to protect their online data. This antivirus software is known as the most effective internet security suite that is designed specifically for Windows PC. Bitdefender consumes less space on a device and can provide powerful security features. Not only Windows users but Mac users can also be more confident while using their Bitdefender antivirus for Mac. The security solution has different tools that are specific to the Apple device and protects against both notorious and advance, unknown online dangers. If you want to get more about this security software, then Call Bitdefender UK.

If the registry files got corrupted or the internet connection is not getting set up according to the Bitdefender 2019 antivirus, then your antivirus software will not update. If the update path location is corrupted then again, you will face update error. Luckily, you can quickly troubleshoot Bitdefender Free Update failure 2019 by following some resolving steps that are provided by the technicians of Bitdefender support.

Follow these simple steps that are mentioned below:

Delete the unwanted files and free-up the device space:

• First, press ‘Windows and R’ together to open the run dialog box
• Then, type %temp% in the dialog box and then press enter
• Now, select all the files from the temp folder by pressing Ctrl+A
• After that, press the delete button on the keyboard to get them removed
• Now, type ‘prefetch’ in the same dialog box and then press enter and then delete the complete folder
• Now, type ‘recent’ and then press enter and delete all the folder files.

You can also get it resolved by checking the manual update:

• First of all, open the GFI mail important installation path and then delete the files, txt.checked, txt and txt.tmp from the directory.
• Then, open the run dialog box and type services.msc and press enter to restart all services of GFI.
• Double-click on the mail necessary configuration and then select email security
• After that, click on security program and then tap on updates
• Then, download the available and then select apply the option to start the process.

Scan Your System manually:

• First, press Windows+R on your keyboard together. It will open the run dialog box
• After that, type cmd.exe in the required field and then press enter key to open the command prompt on your system
• On the command window, type ‘SFC/scannow’ and then hit on entering
• This command will conduct a complete scan of your system and detect any error to resolve them.

Through these simple processes, you can easily overcome the update failure issue. It is recommended to conduct these steps very carefully to avoid any issues. However, if in case you are still facing any glitches after following these steps, then call at Bitdefender helpline UK to get exact resolution by the technical experts. The experts are available 24x7 to get your issues resolved.


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