How to Reset AOL Password and Block AOL Email address?

AOL mail is known for its excellent features and fine interface which makes it easy to use. But it has been calculated that the huge majority of all email traffic includes unwanted and unsolicited emails, basically known as ‘Spam’. If your email is offered by AOL, the user can limit the number of unwanted emails that you receive just by blocking all messages which are received from the specific addresses. Block an email address in AOL webmail from adding a filter in your spam settings. You also can call on AOL Customer service Number UK to get quick assistance from the AOL experts.

 How to Reset AOL Password and Block AOL Email address

Block AOL Email address

Step 1:

Firstly browse to and login to your webmail account

Step 2:

Now, click on ‘Settings’ that appears on the top portion of the screen

Step 3:

Then, click on ‘Spam Controls’

Step 4:

Click on the menu that appears next to ‘Spam Filter’ and click on ‘Custom’

Step 5:

• Now, click on the radio button that labeled ‘Block mail from’, and then enter an email address in the box quickly below it
• Click on the green plus sign icon to add the filter and add as many email addresses as you like and click on the plus sign after every one

Step 6:

After that, click on ‘Save’ to make your new filter settings permanent

After blocking the suspicious or spam email address you also can manage unwanted and suspicious emails

Manage Unwanted Emails

Although most spam should be gathered by our spam filters, mistakenly some can slip through. If that happens anytime then there are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you don’t get those annoying or suspicious emails in the future.

Mark as Spam

When you have marked an email as spam, all further messages from that sender will go directly to the spam folder.

• Firstly, go to AOL Mail
• Now, select the spam message
• From the top of the page, click on Spam

But sometimes, you get that you have marked that email which is not Spam in that case you can mark it as not spam

Mark as not Spam

If you have made a mistake and by chance mark, an item as spam then, click on the Not Spam icon that appears at the top of the Spam folder

After blocking a suspicious email, it is advisable to change your AOL Mail password for that, follow the below-given steps very carefully and change AOL password on web browser and iOS

To change password for the AOL Mail account using a web browser (chrome/Mozilla) on your PC

• Open a web browser and login to AOL by using AOL username or phone number and the current password
• Now, click on your name to open your account information screen
• Go to the left panel and choose Account Security
• Now, go to ‘How you sign in section’ and choose Change password text boxes and select Continue
• If the password looks good then, change is made quickly. You are provided a chance to add a recovery phone number or email address that is suggested but not required

Change your AOL Mail password on iOS

If you are using AOL app to access your AOL mail on your iPhone, iPad, iPad touch and you can change your password directly in the application

• On your iOS device Home screen and tap on the AOL app
• Choose the Settings gear icon
• Now, go to the Support section and tap on Privacy dashboard
• Select Your Account tab and scroll down and tap Your Account
• Enter your AOL credentials when asked
• Now, go to Your Account and select Edit Account Info
• Tap on the 3 horizontal line menu icon
• And then, select Account Security and tap on Change Password
• Now, tap on the password field and enter a new password in both fields which request it
• After that, click on Continue
• By doing this, you will see a confirmation screen with the box for a recovery phone number or email. Enter the recovery information and then tap on Looks good or just click on Done to finish

Follow the given steps very carefully by using a strong and stable internet connection. If you fail to do this or facing any issue while conducting any steps then contact the AOL technicians just by calling on AOL Helpline Number UK for instant help regarding the issue. The teams are available all the time to help you.


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