How to gain access to My AOL Email using simple steps?

AOL Mail gives plenty of features and comes with outstanding fast and free service. You easily can access the AOL account after creating a new account. But sometimes the new users find that it is not that easy to access without any guidelines. So this post is ideal for those persons who actually need help to gain access to My AOL Email with simple steps. First, you have to follow AOL Download steps to install this mail account.

Access AOL with Outlook

If you are using AOL for email and Outlook for keeping your schedule and maintaining your to-do lists, and its useful tools that you might find it helpful to have Outlook also customize and manage your AOL email accounts. AOL Mail offers IMAP access, which you can use to connect Outlook to your AOL email accounts in just a few simple steps.

• Add an AOL Email Account in Outlook
• The below-given steps are very easy and keep in mind to use a strong and stable internet connection
• Click on the File in the Outlook top menu
• In the left pane, be sure that Info is already selected and click on Add Account
• Enter your AOL email address and after that, click on Connect
• Enter your Email account password and click on Connect
• Click on Done and your AOL email account is now in Outlook and will download messages in your account

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Access AOL Mail via

Follow these steps to add your AOL email account to your email service for downloading incoming messages:

• First of all, open a web browser and then log into your AOL Mail account
• Now, select Options and select Account Info
• In the left pane, just choose Account Security
• Now, turn on the Allow apps that use less secure sign-in toggle switch
• In asked, conduct AOL login Mail procedure
• In the CAPTCHA, choose I am not a robot and then, select Continue
• (You can hit on refresh option to get a new and more visible CAPTCHA)
• Open a new browser window and then go to and then log in
• Choose Settings (the gear icon)
• Now, select View all Outlook settings
• Then, choose Mail in the Settings window
• Select Sync email and then,
• Select Other email accounts from the connected accounts section
• In the Connect your account dialog box just enter your Display name and AOL Email address and password
• Now, choose where you want your AOL to be imported and AOL Mail can be now imported to a new folder or to the existing folders
• Once you have completed then, select OK
• Now, choose to Save close the Settings dialog

If these methods are successfully done then you will receive a message that your account is now connected to the and your AOL inbox emails are being imported and then choose OK All done! This procedure can take a while if you have various emails to download. You are not required to stay on for waiting for this procedure to complete and it continues on the server

Your AOL email address will display in the Manage your connected accounts section. You will also check the email import status and the last update time. If required to edit any of the details for your AOL account then, select the icon that looks like Pencil to open the details page and update information like your AOL account password

Your AOL email address will display in the folders panel with the inbox folders. Choose the AOL folder to see the messages in your AOL inbox. If is still continuing the import AOL messages then, there is a chance that not all messages might appear.

By following these steps, you easily can access your AOL account and if you are facing any issue while doing these steps then, it is advisable to get in touch with the technical experts by calling on AOL Contact Service UK. The teams are available 24x7 and help you to provide reliable support in any manner they can.


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