How to filter unread emails in Gmail?

Gmail email service over time has become a very common household name in the cyber world and it longer needs any sort of introduction as for now almost every internet user uses the Gmail email service only for the easy exchange of emails. The service is one among the oldest and also it is trusted more than any other email service for the safety and security of the system and the data stored in that as it has the spotless name of Google attached with it.

Also, it is preferred by the users for its easy to deal with the user interface and for all the other latest features that it offers to the users through that interface in addition to its main function of instant sending and receiving of the emails. One out of those other features is the Gmail filter feature that is used by the users of a Gmail email service very often. The users can easily sort all the emails that are there in the inbox by applying different filters to each of them this further makes the access of the emails easy.

There are various filters that the Gmail email service offers to the users and all of them are very easy to be applied but as there are so many therefore sometimes the users are seen struggling while applying a certain type of filter this may happen due to confusion. So, here we will see the process to be followed to filter unread emails in Gmail.

How to filter unread emails in Gmail?

In order to filter the unread emails in Gmail the user should follow the given steps:

• The user should log in to the Gmail account.
• After that, the user should click on the “gear icon” given at the top right corner of the screen.
• Further, the user should open the settings menu.
• After that, the user should click on the “inbox.”
• Then in the inbox type section click the option “Unread first.”

The filter will then be applied to the Gmail email service and the user will be easily able to identify all the unread emails from the inbox. The technicians are available for guidance and assistance at Gmail number UK lines are open all the time.

The technical team can also be reached for help through live chats and emails. Thus we can conclude by saying that with the easy to use interface and with efficient technical support providing team Gmail turns out to be the best email service.


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