How to change the Gmail password on iPhone?

In the world of sign in and log in, it has become very common for everyone to forget a password. Although we all remember a password that we will use in the future, and if you are creating a password for a seven-day free trial of something your brain possibly will not put in the effort to store it away for further use. Also, if you have just changed the password to login to your computer, no doubt your mind recognizes the importance will be able to remember it again later. In this guide, we will discuss the exact steps for Gmail Password Change in the iPhone procedure. Make sure that you are using a strong network connection to avoid any issue.

If you are in the same situation where you have forgotten your Gmail password then, you won’t need to worry because you can change your Gmail account password in just a few simple steps. You can change your Gmail password on desktop, iPhone, or any Gmail android version.

How to change the Gmail password on iPhone?

Change your Gmail Password on iPhone

Take the following steps for changing your Gmail password on your iPhone and other iOS devices

• First of all, open the Gmail app and log in
• Now, tap on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) appeared in the upper-left corner
• When the menu appears, scroll to the bottom and tap Settings
• Now, tap your Google email address appeared near the top of the Settings screen
• In the Account section, choose to Manage your Google Account
• On the Google Account screen, tap Security and tap on Password under Signing into Google
• Tap on Password under Signing into Google
• Now, enter your current Gmail password and then, tap on Next
• Enter your desired new password in the New Password field and again in the Confirm new password domain
• Tap on Change Password to finish the process and you will see a confirmation screen that says your password has changed

It is very important to create a strong password and for that, here are some tips

Tips to create strong passwords

• Do not write down your passwords
• Keep your passwords private and never share a password with anyone else
• Use passwords of at least eight characters or more
• Use a combination of uppercase letters, numbers, lower-case letters, and special characters (for instance: I,@,&,%,+) in all passwords
• Avoid using the name of people or pet or words found in the dictionary and it is also best to avoid by using key dates (anniversaries and birthdays)
• Substituting look-alike characters for numbers or letters is no longer sufficient (for example, “Password and “Password”)
• A strong password should look like a series of random characters

On the web, if you think your password might have been compromised, change it at once and after that, check your other website accounts for misuse. At work, change your password at once, and after, call your IT security of the company’s help desk.

To create a strong and complex password

Here is a way to make a strong password that is very tough to crack

• Think of a sentence or phrase with at least eight words and it should be something simple for you to remember but hard for someone who knows you to crack. It could be a line from a favorite poem, story, song lyrics, movie, or quotation you like.
• Remove all but the first letter of every word in your phrase: IWTPADITU
• Replace several of the upper-case letters with lowercase at random: iWtpADitU
• After that, substitute a number for at least one of the letters. (Here we have changed the capital “I” to the numeral 1: iWtpAD1tU
• Finally, use the special characters ($, &, +, ! @) to replace a letter or two – preferably a letter that is repeated in the phrase. You can also add an additional character to the mix. (Here, we have replaced the “t” with “+” and added an exclamation point at the end.

Follow the above steps very carefully to avoid any issue and if you get stuck then, call on Gmail Support Number to get connected with the technical experts for instant help. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can. They have complete knowledge of Gmail so they will definitely help you to out.


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