How can I upgrade to Bitdefender 2020?

It has become very much important for the users of the advanced systems and devices to keep their systems and also their devices under the protective layers of antivirus software. As the advancement in technologies and features is not only all about the advancement of the computer machines or the android devices there is a lot more to it. The same advancement is also making it easy for the anti-social elements to get access to the computers and devices and they are thus able to extract all the sensitive data stored in them and also they put the system open to many other potential threats.

If one keeps an antivirus software installed on the system it then helps the user with the safety, security as well as performance maintenance of the system. But antivirus software is not only about installing it the software also demands further maintenance. In order to keep the performance of the software maintained it is necessary to keep it upgraded to the latest version always. The Bitdefender users are often seen struggling with the upgrade process so here with the help of the Bitdefender support experts; we will discuss the features added in the upgraded version of the software and also about the process that should be followed for upgrading the software.

How can I upgrade to Bitdefender 2020?

The Bitdefender antivirus 2020 includes the following features:

• Parental Control.
• Webcam protection.
• Bitdefender Safe files.
• Bitdefender safe pay.
• Advanced structure of the firewall.
• Bitdefender central account.
• Real-time protection.
• Additional Security management.
• Advanced Bitdefender Wallet.

Now that the note of all the advanced and latest features has been taken in the above list so we can now move to the process of upgrading the software to its 2020 version.

In order to upgrade the Bitdefender antivirus software to the 2020 version, the user should follow the steps given by the technicians at Bitdefender helpline UK.

The steps for the procedure are as follows:

• On the browser open the Bitdefender user interface.
• Then open the Bitdefender central account.
• Click the option “my devices” on the left side of the column.
• Then as the “my devices” screen appears the user should click on the “Install protection” option.
• There the user should click the option “Protect this device”
• Then the user should choose the device owner.
• The downloaded file should then run on the system.
• Following the on-screen instructions will then automatically remove the outdated version of Bitdefender from the system and the new advanced version will be installed.
• Then as the prompt appears the user should get the system restarted.
• Then should click the “install” button.
• Once the process of installation completes the user should then click the option “start using Bitdefender”
• The product will then be ready for use.

The Content given above is sufficient enough for providing the users with the best guidelines for easily upgrading the Bitdefender antivirus on the system. But if still the user gets stuck somewhere with the procedure or if there is some confusion then to get a clear view the user should get in touch with the certified and well-trained team of technicians they are available at Bitdefender Support number UK also they can be connected for guidance through live chats and emails. As the technicians are given proper training so this helps them in developing great skills and hence they become very much well versed with the techniques associated with the Bitdefender antivirus, therefore, one can say that there is no such technical error or issue associated with the software that is beyond the resolving capability of the technicians.


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