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Welcome to BullGuard Solution

BullGuard has been known to offer some of the best services to its beloved customers since the day it started serving in terms of antiviruses. Not only does it deliver exactly what its customers need by protecting their systems against viruses and malware, but also offers added added advantages that make it best in class. The innumerable support services aim at taking care of all significant concerns and issues of clients and customers who rely on BullGuard with their eyes closed.

This is attributed to our belief system, which supports the opinion that customers will always deserve more in terms of security. This is why all of our services are designed in a manner that ensures customer satisfaction. Our friendly assistance and dedicated services contribute towards making customers feel safe and secure when it comes to their privacy and sensitive data.

Main issues covered by BullGuard support team

The support team at BullGuard offers its support to many different types of issues for their clients and customers. Irrespective of what your issues with the day to day working of BullGuard are, you can get a favourable and preferred solution along with complete assistance from BullGuard’s highly efficient support team.

You can also contact the support team for customers in case you start to facing issues with the BullGuard antivirus.

Instant Support for BullGuard


If you are searching for assistance to maintain the dedicated and desired security for your system and devices, you should opt for the support that is offered by the support team at BullGuard. They combine their urge to understand the needs of their customer’s requirement along with their abundant technical knowledge so that they can deliver accurate services and support to their national and international customers and clients.

They are capable of tracking and tackling all sorts of threats to security apart from their mission to deliver services that are entirely cantered around their customers. The main aim is to let the customers know that they have all the right in the world to gain access to their sensitive data and still not have to worry about it being compromised. In order to contact them, dial up the BullGuard support number UK and get all of your issues resolved in no time.

Why BullGuard is best?


You cannot put BullGuard in the same category as any other antivirus that is available to you in the market. BullGuard is distinguished from all others by the experience it has, the awards and recognition it has achieved over the years by experts and home users alike. Its long clientele of well-known and small businesses alike makes it a great option, especially since it has also been adapted for the use of a home user.

The following is just the beginning of the list of awards that BullGuard has achieved over the years which serves as the certificate of authenticity for BullGuard’s optimum services;

• Coveted Gold Malware Protection Award from AV-Comparatives
• Top product for the month of September/October 2018
• Recognition in the list of VB 100 for the month of June 2017
• BullGuard also secures the highest scores amongst the various other antiviruses under the AV-test

What are the new features in BullGuard in 2019?


BullGuard antivirus is not just known for the prime protection it offers against all the different kinds of threats, viruses and malware that exist and the ones that keep popping up in the market. BullGuard is also know for the variety of features that it offers to its users. These features play a huge role in enhancing the service that BullGuard provides to its users. Also, BullGuard keeps updating the features it provides it uses, because there are new threats constantly arising and BullGuard wants to make sure that its users are a 100% protected.

Some of the latest features include:

1) Vulnerability Scanner:
A vulnerability can inform a user about a threat by a single glance. This is because of the design of the interface, which is intended to let the user know of any possible threat and any other information that they may need about the working of their device. When a user downloads an application, BullGuard not only helps in installation but also check for any security threats in the app while downloading it.

2) Game Booster:
BullGuard has many games among its users. So the users who love the thrill of an online game with their frineds or just strangers over the internet can now play on without having to worry about any interruptions. A Game Booster blocks all unnecessary pop ups and leaves the users alone to enjoy their gamin experience. This works just as well when there is extremely heavy load.

3) Parental Control:
Parental Control is already among the parents who use BullGuard. Now, we have brought upgradations to the old favourite by adding on more efficiency and accuracy. This allows the parents to be less worried and more secure with what their child is accessing on the internet and for how long.

4) Enhanced Behavioural Detection:
BullGuard works towards collecting seemingly invaluable bits of information about the behavioural patterns of the user when they use their system so that they can serve them better in the future. It updates itself daily so it can acquire the maximum amount of security while dealing with the threats that come its way.

5) Next-Gen Anti-Malware:
BullGuard is not just a touch competition to other antivirus providers. It also scans through the authorization of all the sites that are accessed and scans their signature of trust. Thus, maximum security is assured along with complete protection.

Various products offered by BullGuard


BullGuard antivirus is designed to cover all the platforms that are widely used like Mac, Windows and Android and the services that are offered are equally dedicated on all platforms. Some such products that BullGuard offers include;

• BullGuard antivirus
• BullGuard Internet Security
• BullGuard Premium Protection
• BullGuard Mobile Security

Why you should choose us?


If your search is for dedicated and high quality performance, then BullGuard services is your best option. This is because BullGuard has in its basket many years of passion and experience towards providing optimum services to their clients and customers. This is what makes BullGuard so sought after and reliable. Not only do we give you the best antivirus ever, we also give you services that will never let you doubt your decision of going with us in the first place.

About BullGuard customer support


The BullGuard customer support team is full of immensely talented technicians who are dedicated to providing the customers of BullGuard a resolution to all of their issues irrespective of what it actually is. They have just one goal, and that is to handle all queries that come to them and make sure that the customer is happy and content once they are done with them.

1. 100% satisfaction

The BullGuard customer support team will not drop your complaint without making sure that you are 100% satisfied with the services that have been offered to you. They put in all their support and services in understanding your issue, your needs and then offer you the best possible solution that they have for it.

2. Responsibility

When it comes to delivering the best possible solution to BullGuard users, their customer support team happily takes complete responsibility to do it within the right time. They always want to take complete care of their clients and customers and take complete responsibility for it.

3. Simplicity

The customer service support team at BullGuard offers you effective and simple solutions so that they can be carried out without causing any unnecessary problems. The team only offers solutions that are reliable, so that the users do not have to face any further hassles.

Disclaimer : We are a third party support service providers for all leading brands we are not directly affiliated with any brand. We deal in the fix of various technical issues faced by advanced updated devices. The technicians are well equipped, trained and well skilled to handle all the issues and errors.