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Brother Printer has Space-saving and desk-friendly design and is a compact full-function All-in-ones that let you print, scan, fax and copy. It is well known for providing authentic and performance and comes with free technical support for the life of your product. It is ideal for home or small business with higher print volumes. It will allow you to enjoy your print without worrying about costs and enhance your print capabilities with the professional quality that yields clear text, crisp and outstanding graphics.

Offers Full Speed Printing


With a document print speed of up to 12/6 ipm*, Brother Printer speeds up your tasks so that you can do more and more in less time. From printing professional reports to aesthetic brochures, you can confidently start powerful business materials which make an outstanding impression. Not only this, but the Brother company has always been very careful about the performance of its printer at user’s end. That is why; it comprehensively tested on stringent quality parameters to ensure that it works well for the user’s end.

Well, the company has improved a lot in the last few years and now the user face lesser problems than before. Instead of the best efforts of manufacture or other technical issues such as driver problems, firmware issues or software issues can still occur even in the excellent printers as these problems are beyond the control of the manufacturer.

Some common glitches of Brother Printer


1. Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages

• This problem may happen due to Low ink or Cartridge issue
• Printer communication problem
• Printer pool service is not responding.

A solution to resolve the glitches:

• Power cycle your brother printer and PC for once and then again print something to ensure it is orienting or not
. • Ensure your cartridge is functioning properly and it does have enough ink to print a paper. For that, gently remove the cartridge from your printer and then shake it. After shaking it, you will need to install it back into your brother printer.
• If your brother printer is still printing a blank page then you have to reset the printer and setup it again.
• Go to the windows service manager and restart the printer poll services once.

2. Brother Printer Won’t be connecting to Network

Sometimes, people face glitches if their network connection is at stake anytime they are doing some important work. When your Brother Printer can’t connect to the network then it stops responding and in such situation, then Go for the below steps:

• First, you need to check all the ports and cables are connected as they should or not.
• Then, test to print a configuration page.
• And then, be sure that it prints out the Embedded Jetdirect card page.
• When it fails to print the 2nd page, then there is no other option than to replace the formatter board.

Apart from these issues, some more common issues are listed below:

• Printer detection issues
• Configuration issues
• Compatibility issues
• Printer installation issues
• Slow printing speed issues
• Spooler errors
• A low printing ink or toner glitches
• Paper gets jammed
• Driver installation issue
• Printer tune-up and optimization
• Miscellaneous error messages

Brother Help Desk : now, we will focus on the Brother Help Desk from where you can get all the answers and resolution to your queries and issues. The users sometimes get stuck with the glitches and are unable to troubleshoot the issue. The highly experienced and well certified technical experts at Help Desk will help you to resolve the issues.

Apart from this, let’s have a look at some Precautions and Safety Tips through which you can keep your Printer safe and trouble-free.

• Clean your printer time to time as nothing can harm a printer more than dirt, dirt, and debris that gathered inside.
• Don’t use any harmful chemicals or alcohol while cleaning printer as it may damage the plastic parts.
• Avoid touching the interior part of a laser printer quickly if it stops. As it is very hot an might cause burn injuries.
• It is recommended to use excellent quality ink or toner in your printer to make sure high-quality prints. 3rd party toner or ink can cause loos of quality and harm your printer.
• Always use the right quality mode to make your printer ready to provide the desired print quality while ensuring maximum ink efficiency.
• Check your printer on a regular basis for any unnecessary debris such as clips, hair strands, and torn paper as they can cause paper jams.
• Last but not least, it is advisable to keep your printer on a stable surface and make sure that it is kept straight as keeping it otherwise can lead to separation of toner or ink.

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