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Bitdefender problems with windows

Bitdefender security software is well compatible with almost all operating systems and it also works fine on other devices like a cell phone or Mac.

But when it comes to Windows 10 operating system the user then gets to encounter certain issues at certain points. The users get stuck into these issues due to lack of technical knowledge and skill and thus it further becomes a problem for them to get the software installed or to get it activated. The users are mostly seen confused as to which version of the software is to be installed in order to work with windows 10 operating system.

Similarly, the users get to face many other errors and issues while using Bitdefender on their system that has windows 10 operating system.

Here we will look into solutions to some of the common problems faced by Windows 10 and Bitdefender users.

SSL scanning breaking secure sites and apps


In order to get this problem fixed the user should open the Bitdefender user interface then click the option “feature “further click “web protection” then click “settings” then click “scan SSL.” If in case you are using an older version of the software then open the “settings” menu there click “privacy control” then select the option “Antiphishing” and then get the SSL scan disabled.

System not booting after Bitdefender installation – If this is the case then this means there are still some traces of the previous software left in your system then in order to get this issue fixed, get the system restarted in safe mode then on your browser open the official Bitdefender site and from there get the removal tool downloaded.

Run that downloaded tool with admin permissions then wait for the cleaning process to complete. Once the cleaning process completes then get the system restarted and then again get the software installed on the system.

Bitdefender refuses to run a scan


If in case the software is not able to run the scan on your system then, in that case, there is a possibility that the software is not being installed properly, therefore, it is advisable that the user gets the software reinstalled. The user should also check that there is no other security software running on the system as that would create conflict.

Unable to activate Bitdefender firewall


If you are unable to activate your Bitdefender firewall then in that case you need to check the status of Base Filtering Engine service on the software. In order to get that checked on your system open control panel then click on “administrative tool” and then open “services” then in the list that appears search and click “Base Filtering Engine” and check the status if the status is “stopped” right click “properties” then ensure that the startup type is set on “Automatic.” Once the process finishes then get your windows restarted further fix permissions for registry of the windows then conduct a reboot of the system and also check that the service has been started.

Windows reports firewall turned off


In such a case it is advisable that the user gets the firewall settings of the software checked. In order to check open the user interface of the software after that open “settings” then go to the antivirus module and ensure that the on-access scanning is on. If in case the feature is off, then turn that on and your issue will then be resolved.

If in case there is some other issue related to the software that needs a fix then, in that case, it is advisable that you get connected with the team of experts.

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