A short note on Avast Ransomware shield:

Avast antivirus software is popular among the people for its easy to use interface and also for the user-friendly features that it provides. To talk in relation to the features that are provided to the users by various antivirus software, we can say that Avast owns an upper hand among all of them.

In a way, these additional advanced features of the software further make it more efficient towards its assigned task of protecting the various systems and the devices from all types of harmful unwanted elements. But as there are so many features, therefore, the users are sometimes seen confused regarding the way of the workings of each feature and also sometimes the users do get stuck into some or, the other problem with the workings of the software.

So, here to make it clear for all, the experts from Avast care will be guiding the users regarding everything associated with the Avast Ransomware shield feature of the software as in its working process and much more regarding it.

The Avast Ransomware shield provides security for all the data, files, documents as well as photos and thus keeps them safe from being edited or deleted.

This particular feature comes enabled by default in an Avast antivirus but the user can get it disabled through the Avast antivirus settings Window if needed.

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In order to manage all the blocked and allowed applications in the Ransomware shield of Avast antivirus the user should follow the given steps:

In order to get any application added to the blocked application list or the allowed application list, the user should click the option “blocked/allowed apps.”

• Then the user should either click “block an app” or should click “allow an app.”
• The user should then choose an application and should click “open.”

In order to add a folder to the list of Avast protected folder in the Ransomware Shield the user should follow the given steps:

• The user should click on the “Add folder” tile icon.
• After that should click on the folder.
• Then should click on “ok.”

If in case an Avast protected folder is to be removed from the list then for that the user should follow the given steps:

• The user should click on the trash bin icon given against the folder that is to be removed from the list.
• After that, the user should click the option “stop protecting.”
• If in case the user is not able to see the Ransomware shield in the main Avast antivirus menu then to fix that the user should follow the given steps:
• The user should open the settings Window on the software.
• After that, the user should click the option “update.”
• Once the software will be updated the user will be able to see the Ransomware shield icon in the main menu.

Note: This particular feature is not for the people using Avast pro antivirus or Avast free antivirus version. The feature is only available for the people using the Avast premier or the Avast internet security version.

The users are often seen troubled due to frequent pops asking for permission to block and allow certain applications. In order to avoid these permission asking pop ups the user should turn on the smart mode on the Ransomware shield.


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