Why Nssutil3.dll Errors occur on Windows and how to fix it?

Nssitil3.dll is a file that is widely used by the “Network Security Services” part of Mozilla Firefox. This file is broadly used by the Firefox browser to support it run as effectively and smoothly as possible. But, it is often the cause of many various errors that can safeguard your browser form loading and prevent your PC from running convinced applications.

In this post, we will focus some the causes and resolution of this error code:

Nssitil3.dll errors can be initiated by a series of various problems, including registry errors, virus infections and corrupt files. But, the main cause of this issue is down to the way in which the antivirus and firewall programs accidentally label it as a Trojans virus (Bitdefender). After that, they will “quarantine” the file, and prevent Firefox from using it. As a result, users who have these protective tools that are installed on their computers might receive the following error, when they try to open the Firefox browser:

“This application failed to start because Nssutil3.dll was not found. Re-installing the application might resolve this issue.”

To get it resolved, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Update the Virus Definitions:
First of all, update all the virus definitions for your antivirus programs and then reinstall Firefox. It will make the antivirus capable to find Nssutil3.dll file that is not found a virus inside and should allow you to run Firefox again.

If Firefox doesn’t run after the reinstall, you should then go into the Bitdefender antivirus program and then set an “exception” for Nssutil3.dll or the Firefox.exe. It should prevent the file from being quarantined and should safeguard the error. For more info, call on Bitdefender Help Number UK to get more info regarding this error.

If the error still persists, you might follow the given steps below:

Step 2: Download This Virus Scanner:
Antivirus programs are software tools that scan via your PC and remove any of the malware or viruses infected which are on your system. It is often the case that viruses will infect different DLL files on your computer and then, cause them to be illegible to your PC. To make sure that it not happening on your computer, you must try using the Bitdefender antivirus program to scan via your system and remove any of the infections that cause these issues. To know more about the virus scanner, it is advisable to contact the Bitdefender Contact Number UK for complete assistance.

By following these steps, you can easily resolve this error code very carefully. It is advisable to keep your device fully charged and be sure to use a strong and stable internet connection.


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