What is added in Kaspersky Internet Security 2020 for comprehensive protection?

Are you looking to a security suite that acts as a firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam without investing in different programs? Then, Kaspersky Internet Security 2020 is the best choice for you. It comes with an effective antivirus system which helps to keep the PC clean while detecting all the advanced viruses that may put your system in danger. It comes with two outstanding types of protection named, On-demand scan and Real-time scan. With the help of these protections, it provides comprehensive protection to the devices. Let’s have a look at both protection tools.

On-demand scan:
This feature will allow you to check any file that you have doubt to have a virus or malware. It will notify you of the report so that you can take action. It is an excellent tool that complements the real-time scan if you are not sure of an individual file or folder on your PC. Just call on Kaspersky Support UK to know more about this tool.

Real-Time Scan: It is enough to make the Kaspersky Internet Security have. Whether it is when you are surfing the Internet of when you are going to introduce a USB drive or CD, this security suite examines your files to detect if any infected file exists in your system or tries to enter. Also, it takes the proper step to keep your system safe and secure.

Along with these two tools, it also comes with some effective protection tools that make it outstanding security software for your device.

• Anti-Spam:
It examines all outbound and inbound emails from Gmail and Microsoft office outlook. All suspicious emails will be filtered to the spam folder to prevent your device from malware attacks.

• Firewall:
If helps to secure the access to both, the World Wide Web and your local network. You can set up the rules for any network port or program. It blocks suspicious URLs and application to secure your system.

• Webcam Protection:
It helps to notify the users when the webcam of their PC is enabled and prevent the adversaries from privately using it.

• Anti-Banner:
This tool allows you to restrict the display advertising on the web pages or in a software interface. The customizable blocked websites that display ad banners are already unified into the program. You can also add new banners you want to block.

• Reliable Application Mode:
Through this mode, the user can run only trusted software. All the latest programs are examined against a whitelist of trusted programs of Kaspersky Lab. In this mode, you cannot run any software that is not added to the whitelist.

• Secure Browsing:
When you are surfing the web, different tracking algorithms identify the preferences of the user and display corresponding advertisements online from particular companies. Anti-tracking tool help to block advertisers or web examiner systems tracking your browser settings and the pages which you visit.

• Safe Money:
The capability protects your online credit/debit and other online banking data. This feature allows you to conduct online shopping and payments. It is advisable to enable this protection to secure web browsing and online payment experience.

• Secure Keyboard:
It will help to protect the users from key-loggers anytime they input data into online forms. You can also enable the protection for a particular website and data categories which you have selected and use an on-screen keyboard to type in the data.

These are new tools that are added to the Kaspersky Internet Security 2020. With the help of these features, Kaspersky Internet Security provides comprehensive protection to your device. Call on Kaspersky Help desk UK if you are getting trouble with any of these features to get connected with the technical experts for instant help.


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