What are some common errors of the Canon Printer?

Canon Printers has become one of the best printing machines that have a compact size and require shorter setup time. Sometimes, you get stuck with the Cannon Error Codes due to which it refuses to work and stop printing. It is known for Wireless Connectivity and it is equipped with the techniques which remind for document removal. The auto document feeder and auto duplex printing make it famous around the world. In this guide, we will discuss some common errors of Canon Printer along with the resolution.

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List of Canon Printer’s Error codes and their resolution:

• Error Code B200:

The Canon error code B200 means a service error related to the print head of the device. It may mean that the print head voltage or the temperature is not standard. The official suggests from Canon is to follow the step. Now, switch off the printer and then remove the power cable from the electric socket. Now, open the printer cover and remove any protective tape if available.

Check if there are any artificial objects like torn pieces of paper, hair, clips, cotton and etc. inside the printer. Now, remove the printer cartridge and then clean them. Put them back in their place gently and if this doesn’t fix the error then, get connected with the technical team for instant help.

• Error Code 5011:

The error code helps to indicate a printer error and this is a simple issue that can be fixed simply by powering off the unplugging and device it. After a few minutes, just plug the device back again and that will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

• Error Codes E16, E13, 1688, and 1686:

The happening error codes on a canon printer signify that the ink cartridges might have run out of ink. To troubleshoot this error, first, replace the empty ink cartridges with any of the compatible cartridges. After replacing the cartridges, firstly close the paper output cover safely and gently.

These error codes simplify that the ink cartridges have been empty and require replacing. If the error still persists even after inserting the new cartridge, you can delete this error code. Once the printer feels that it has empty then, it shows these issues. Therefore, you can override this issue if you think that this issue is done accidentally.

Press and hold the RESET/RESUME/STOP button for 10 seconds. Once you press the button for a few seconds, it allows the printer to know that the user is known for the error codes and wishes to start printing. Therefore, you will be allowed to print commonly after that.

• Error Code 6c10:

Canon printers take help from the internal counter which keeps track of the pages number which you have printed. It helps the printer to know the waste ink collected in the printer. This error code is shown when the printer thinks that the waste ink level is assembled is too much. To resolve this issue, you will require cleaning the foam which is efficient in gathering the waste ink. For that, open the printer’s lid and look for a plastic piece that is sticking out. Clean that plastic along with the square which looks like foam with a spongy cloth.

By following the given steps, you can easily troubleshoot the error codes in the shortest time frame. Call at Canon Support UK to get all the error codes resolved as soon as possible. The teams are available 24x7 and help you to provide friendly assistance.


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