How to stop BullGuard Firewall from blocking websites?

Whether it is a personal computer or professional computer, the first priority should be Security and Safety of the files, data and sensitive information. When the question comes to the safety and security of personal data, then the first answer is BullGuard Antivirus. This antivirus software is developed by keeping the advanced virus and threats in mind, so it is highly effective in protecting your computer from virus, Trojans, spyware, and threats.

BullGuard Security software is easy to install and comes with auto-update facility. It scans, detects and removes the virus which infects your system and slows down the performance. BullGuard comes with a safe browsing component that navigates your browser away from fraudulent and dangerous websites. This security software marks up links in Bing, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook.

BullGuard Antivirus is developed with firewall component, ‘BullGuard Firewall’ that effectively defended the test system against port scans and other web-based tests. The firewall also hides all ports by putting them in sneakiness mode. The program control component will automatically state the rule to allow the network access for some Window components and known programs. Some of the advanced firewalls identify attacks at the network level before they attempt to take advantage of susceptibilities in the Operating system. Also, BullGuard detected and then removed the malicious payload for nearly 40% of the exploits.

But sometimes, you face a common glitch while visiting any websites that the firewall is restricting to access. BullGuard Firewall blocks those websites which may harm your computer and makes your information vulnerable. Well, it blocks the websites for security purpose but sometimes, it becomes a trouble for you. The only troubleshoot this glitch is to add the site to the white list of the software and make some changes in the firewall rule in a manner that the firewall rule permits the site.

To access the website, it is suggested to follow these steps:

• First, open the Bullguard antivirus and then click on ‘Settings’.
• You will see a message ‘enter file-path’. Paste or enter the paths you copied in that field
• Click on ‘Add’ and then continue
• The program will be excluded from all of BullGuard’s
protection shields, comprising of virus scanning

Through these steps, you can easily unblock the website which you wish to open. These steps are very simple to do but if you are facing some issues while unblocking it then, free to call us at BullGuard Customer Support UK.


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