How to resolve Avast Installation Problems 2019?

We all know that Avast is one of the best security software programs and is specifically designed to protect your device against virus, ransomware, adware, malware and online threats. It keeps your sensitive information and personal details safe and secure on your device. In short, there is no chance of getting your device vulnerable if you have installed Avast Antivirus on your device. But sometimes, you may get stuck with some problems that you face while installing Avast. It is advisable to keep your operating system and Avast updated to avoid any technical glitches while in its installation or performance. Avast Technical Support UK to get proper advice for trouble-free installation.

In this post, we are going to discuss some common issues which the user faces while Avast installation:

1. Cortana Menu Critical Error
2. BSOD after Anniversary Update and,

Let’s have a look at the solution of these errors so that you can easily install Avast on your device:

1. Cortana Menu Critical Error:
This one is probably the famous problem on Windows 10. It basically freezes up the Start menu and Cortana so you cannot use them. To get it fixed,

1.1. Boot Windows in Safe Mode:
If you are lucky because only the thing you need to do is to boot your Windows in Safe Mode and then reboot to the regular Mode. Follow the given instructions to do so:

• Open Windows Run dialog by pressing Windows Key and R key simultaneously
• Enter ‘MSConfig’ into Windows Run dialog and confirm
• The System Configuration dialog will now open. Go to ‘Boot’ and tick the option ‘Safe Boot’
• Confirm and reboot your system. Check if the problem is resolved or not. If it still persists then go to next step.

1.2. Add new Use Account to Windows
For that,
• To create an account from Control panel first, open Windows Run dialog by pressing Win + R key together
• Enter ‘Control user passwords2’ into Windows Run dialog and then confirm
• User Accounts window will now open and click on ‘Add’
• A sign-in window will now open. Click on ‘Sign in without a Microsoft account’ at the bottom of the screen
• Add a user window will open and click on “Local Account’ and in the end,
• Enter the details of the user new account and click on ‘Next’ and then ‘Finish’

2. BSOD after Anniversary Update:
This error occurs due to the incompatibility between one of the Avast drivers and device. To get it fixed,

2.1. Update your Avast before updating Anniversary:
• Make sure that you are using the latest compatible version of Avast
• Be sure that your Avast is updated to the latest program version. For that, go to Settings > Update > Program > click on ‘update’.
• Download Windows 10 Anniversary Update from its official website and click on ‘Get the Anniversary Update Now’.
• Run the download file of upgraded Windows and then follow the on-screen instruction to finish the installation. If the problem still persists then, switch to the next step.

2.2. Repaid Avast before installing Anniversary Update:
• Another way to get the latest version of Avast is to repair the current version. Before conducting this step, make sure that you have stable Internet Connection.
• Repair you Avast, go to Programs and Features > select Avast> Uninstall/Changes > Repair
• When the repair process of Avast is completed then reboot your device
• Now, download Windows 10 Anniversary Update from the official website for that,
• Click on ‘Get the Anniversary Update now’
• Now, run the downloaded file and follow the prompted screen instructions to finish the installation

These are two common error which you may face while the installation of Avast Antivirus. Call Avast Help Desk Number UK if you are stuck with some other issue in the same (installation procedure). You will be assisted by the technical team to resolve the issue shortly. It is advisable to conduct these given steps very carefully to avoid any glitches.


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