How to fix if Avast Slowing down the Computer?

One of the worst things that people face while trying to shop or bank online, is the slow response of the computer. When your computer performs slowly or sluggishly, it is very irritating. You think that your antivirus software is responsible for the slow computer. Just take an example of Avast antivirus, if you have installed Avast on your device and suddenly your device is performing sluggishly then you might think that it is Avast. One second! You are wrong because it is not Avast, there are some other issues that restrict Avast to work properly.

In this guide, we will discuss the reason and resolution, if Avast slowing down the Computer. We are here with the resolution of this error and it is advisable to follow the given procedures to boost the computer performance.

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Reason for a slow computer:

Third-party security software: It is not suggested to run more than one security software with real-time protection at a time. It is advisable to uninstall any trial software or program which came with your PC before the installation of different protection. It is best to uninstall the other security software by following the proper instructions for un-installation.

Old Hardware: If you try to install advanced software into your old computer, it could start running at a snail’s speed, because the hardware simply is not able to run the software. Purchasing a new PC with a multi-core processor is the ideal solution. However, if you don’t want to spend too much to buy a new computer then you could add more RAM.

Clean the clutter: Clutter from the leftover files and the registry entries, unnecessary shortcuts, toolbars, adware, and bloatware causes the slow computer. To overcome this error, it is advisable to bring new life to your machine.

Make sure to use advanced software: The most advanced software includes patches and fixes which make it run at its best. Avast has ended software updates for the older customer versions of Avast antivirus. Versions 8.0.1497 and the lower continue for receiving threat updates but don’t receive any patches or technical assistance. The advanced version of Avast has some superior features and the higher detection rates to safeguard your PC from the malicious attacks.

Fix for Slow Computer:

Load Avast after the Windows Services:

If your system is starting slow then it is the ideal and convenient method to fix the problem. So many times, Avast and the Windows services clash together and it can lead to the slowing of the Computer due to Avast antivirus. Once you load the Avast after windows services then, everything will be switch on after the Windows start loading. This step will definitely boost the performance of your computer.

But there is a fact that your computer can create a security risk because your system isn't completely protected for a few seconds. Just, follow the given steps to run this method:

• First of all, open the main interface of your computer
• Now, you’ll see the Settings in the option from the left menu
• Go to the Settings and you will see the option “Troubleshooting”
• There’ll be an option “Load Avast services after loading other system services”
• If it is unchecked, so you have to just check it and complete the procedure

Postponing Background Updates:

There are so many internet users who know the Avast slows down the system performance due to background updates. As you know when you start the computer and start checking something online then at the same time Avast starts downloading the updated version. Well, it is the main reason which forces Avast to slow down the computer. This problem can also happen when you are on the internet and searching for something or working on it and you’re playing the game on your computer. Here is a convenient want to disable the updates which are running in the background to enhance the performance of your computer. For that,
• Firstly, open the main program interface
• Then, go to settings and find the option “Update”,
• Select the option “Update”
• Now, select the “Virus Definitions” and stretch the Settings
• Now, you will see three options in the Settings Automatically, ask when available and manually
• Select the option which you like and finish the process

By following the given procedures and tips, you can boost the system performance. Avast antivirus is specifically designed to provide excellent performance to your device by keeping it away from viruses, malware, ransomware, and threats. Call on Avast Support Number to get in touch with the technical expert if you are finding that Avast is troubling you and force your system to perform slowly.


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