How to eliminate the virus from Hotmail Email?

Hotmail has become one of the famous email services around the world. It allows you to communicate with your relatives and colleagues quickly. This email service is used by the personal and business person and comes with a variety of features. But, if you have doubt that your Hotmail email contains virus then your device might go under danger. Hotmail email virus is also known as Hotmail Hacker and is a dangerous program that is proposed to break into your email account and steal Hotmail MSN messenger passwords, credit cards or banking details along with other critical information.

Today, all the banks have initiated sending e-statement that is also called “Soft Copy” of credit card and banking details in place of hard copy that is distributed at your doorstep each month to keep the environment safe from paper. If you are getting trouble while sending email then it is suggested to call at Hotmail Technical Support UK for instant help. An email virus is among these virus and malicious web-based attacks that target people via email attachments and emails.

In this post, we will discuss some amazing points and precautions through which you can eliminate the virus from Hotmail Email:

• It is advisable to avoid clicking on those emails which come from suspicious sources or with untrusted text in the “From” or “Subject” headings. Also, never open those attachments which you are not expecting even if they come from a friend without confirming it with the sender to make sure that it is a trusted attachment.
• Make sure the top of the Hotmail page while opening an attachment. MSN Hotmail uses a free virus scanner that helps to scan all attachment whenever you try to get them opened. If you try to open an attachment with a Hotmail virus then the website will alert you to the danger. After that, click on delete to get it removed quickly.
• Also, click on “Deleted” that appears in the left column if Hotmail after deleting a virus-ridden email. A page appearing your deleted emails will appear. Press the “Empty” option that appears at the top of the page to remove permanently all of your deleted emails to prevent them from coming back into your Inbox.
• Conduct a virus and malware scan on your computer system if you open an untrusted or strange email attachment and have doubt that a virus got via the Hotmail scanner. The scanner will detect and then remove the virus if it has infected your machine.
• It is advisable to install a trusted antivirus program on your device. Almost all antivirus software comes with Email shield that firstly scans your incoming and outgoing email messages in real-time for malicious and virus contents. If you access your web email account through internet browser then, your PC is protected by the Shields.

Apart from these precautions, it is suggested to keep your system updated with the advanced security patches from your operating system manufacturer. Virus, as well as other Malware, tries to deed the security holes in an operating system and keeping it updated can prevent some of these problems. Call on Hotmail Customer Care UK if you want to know more about hacking precautions.


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