How to create and activate BT-Email Address?

BT-mail is the best email service in the market as it provides you the medium through which you can send the invitation, work data or other details to your boss or friends. You can access your BT email online from anywhere and at any time. You can also access it via an email program or through a tablet or smartphone. With the premium and standard email products, the account holder can create maximum 10 additional email addresses and they can use for themselves or give it to another person. When the email address is provided to another person, then they will need to activate it before using it. If the persons don’t have an email address previously then, as a part of the activation process they will need to create a BT ID and gives some security information. Call at BT-Mail Technical Support UK for more information in details.

Once BT-Email gets activated then it becomes the individual responsibility of that person. This is called an affiliate account. In this post, we will discuss the account creation and activation process of BT-email.

Creation BT-email Address and gift it to a new user:
• First of all, login to My BT with your BT ID
• Then, select Package and Included extras and then, scroll down to get BT Email
• Now, click on Manage BT Email and then click on the drop-down to open the friends or family section
• Then, select “Give a new email address”
• Now, you will be asked for the selection of an email
address and provide a person’s details you are creating it for.
• When you done with this process, then click on Continue
• Now, you will receive a confirmation message

Note: if you provided a contact email address for the new user then, they will have been sent an activation link. If you did not give a contact address then, you have to share this link with them so that they can activate their new email address within a month. you can also get that email link on the friends and family section of the management pages of email.

Activation of provided E-mail Address:
If you have been provided a new email address or if an email address you are already using then you’ll need to activate your account.

• First of all, you will be asked to provide wither existing BT ID or create a new one to make sure that you can log in to My BT to get your account managed.
• Then, select the email address that has been set up for you or any email address of yours which you already own and use for your BT ID.
• After that, you will need to provide some security information such as password, contact details and your own security validation question. It is because you will now be solely responsible for this email address. When you are done with the necessary information then click on Continue.
• You will get a confirmation message that your new email address is now active. You can log in and then start using it simply.

Through these given methods, you can easily create and activate your BT-Email. It is advisable to attempt these methods very carefully to avoid any glitches. Call BT-Mail Toll Free Number UK, if you are facing any issue or receiving any error while doing any of the steps. Here, you will get an instant solution for your error and problem.


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