How do I stop Avast from running at startup?

Avast antivirus is running in the market from a very long time period, it is known for working efficiently against all types of malware, spyware, Trojans and viral attacks. The software is popular among the users as it is very easy to use and the features are also very much understandable. But as there are some tricky technicalities associated with the software, therefore, it becomes a problem or the users sometimes to get the software on the terms of smooth working in the interest of the systems and devices. In such cases, the Avast trained technicians turn out to be the best choice for help and assistance at Avast support number UK.

The Avast antivirus users are often seen in trouble when it comes to the installation process or to the uninstalling procedure or the reinstallation. The users are also seen in conflict with the activation process all this can be easily handled by the technicians. But here in this blog, we will particularly focus on the resolution for stopping Avast from running at startup.

In order to stop Avast antivirus from running at startup, the user should get the software disabled. For that, the user should follow the given methods.

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Totally disabling Avast from the configuration file –

In order to disable Avast from the configuration file, the user should follow the given steps –

• Open the run dialog box for that on the keyboard press windows along with the R key then in the box enter the name of configuration file and then press enter.
• After that in the window that appears you need to put all the applications in order.
• Search for “Avast” along with “ashDisp.exe” uncheck the box given next to both the services.
• Click “apply” further click “okay” Further get the configuration window closed.

Disable Avast from the application –

In order to disable Avast from the application, it is advisable that the user follows the given steps –

• Click on the Avast icon given on the windows taskbar then right-click and select “Avast shield control.”
• The shield control option will further show you multiple options to disable from those select the disabling option as per your preference.
• Click “yes” on the confirmation window as it appears on your screen.
• You can get the software activated again simply by clicking on the green-colored “resolve” button.

Disable Avast antivirus temporarily-

In order to disable Avast antivirus temporarily, it is advisable to follow the given steps –

• Go to the protection section in the left sidebar further click “core shields”
• Then from the list select the shield that is to be disabled
• Then in the next window that appears, select a particular time frame for which Avast is to be disabled.
• As the shield will be disabled you will then get to see a "turn on" button for reactivation purposes.

Using the above-given procedures the Avast antivirus user can easily get the issue resolved, but if in case the user still gets stuck somewhere then in that case, it is advisable that the user gets connected with the team of trained and certified experts they can be asked for help as and when needed they can be reached through live chats, Emails or even through calls. The users should ring the experts at Avast helpline number UK. As the technicians are given special training for dealing with Avast related issues and errors then, in that case, it becomes obvious that there is no issue or error that is out of the hands of the technicians also they are available for the help of the users all the time.


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