Do Antivirus Software necessary for Android Phones?

Nowadays, the security of Android phones has become very important as it has your personal details, photos, data, and information saved. Well, Android Phones come with security features that keep your phone safe and secure. But still, the security is incomplete until you don’t install trusted Antivirus software on your device. There are so many antivirus programs are there that make you puzzled about which one to buy. Don’t worry; you are at right place, as we will tell you about the best antivirus software for your Android Phone.

AVG Antivirus:

This security software is a free solution and protects your Android smartphone from malware and virus. The app offers real-time safety and also comes with several features. It is also effective in fighting against malware and offers many interesting features. This security helps to scan your device for malware, examining apps, text messages, services files, and multimedia content on your phone. If anything is detected, it will be deleted instantly.

You can also change the sensitivity of the engine and schedule daily or weekly scans. On the Performance menu, you can check the power level of the battery and the storage space availability and access a task killer, data plan and cache cleaner functions to make sure which are the apps using the most resources.

On the Privacy menu, on the other hand, you can block SMS and calls and access other features to remove data from the device or the SD card. AVG Antivirus Security for Android also comprises the opportunity to set a safety lock to recover a stolen or lost device.

McAfee Security Software:

With the help of Device Protection Technology, McAfee works to proactively block the malware provided through malicious websites and apps, while also conserving battery power

Privacy: Deep app examination offers a thorough cross-check of all your apps and notifies of the potential privacy violations. PIN safeguards your apps and then create up to three user profiles.

Web Protection: It blocks the users to visit or open phishing sites and browser deeds in the texts, Emails, Multi-media messages, social networking posts and QR codes.

Wi-Fi Protection: It notifies you of the non-secured Wi-Fi connections and automatically disconnects the device if found someone trying to hack into your connection to send your emails or other information to a distinct known as ARP deceiving.

Remote Locate, Wipe, Lock and Alarm: If your device is stolen or lost, use the remote lock and wipe feature from the McAfee Mobile Security management portal or through a text message from another phone to make sure that none of your personal data falls into the wrong hands.

CaptureCam: Takes a picture and captures the location of your phone when there are several wrong attempts to unlock your device, while your phone is on. Locations and Images are sent directly to your account.

Norton Mobile Security:

• Malware Protection firstly scans and removes the apps that come with spyware, viruses and other threats. And, Anti-Malware blocker keeps the apps from downloading viruses or malware on your device. It also safeguards you before you download risky apps.
• Unpleasant Adware App Advice offers you the ability to know if an app you’re about to download has an excellent level of disturbing ads in it. With the help of Anti-theft features, it remotely locks and then wipes the personal information on your stolen or lost device to safeguard anyone from getting it access.
• Remote Locate is a tool that makes you capable to find a stolen and lost iPhone, iPad or Android device. With the help of Call and Text Blocker, it helps to safeguard you against the call and mobile spam that you don’t want. Safe Browsing feature will perform excellently to safeguard your personal data from the website you visit on your device they cannot access your details and information.
• Anti-Phishing Web Protection is the best way to safeguard from online scans that might be sometime aggressive at blocking deceitful websites. Privacy Advisor works to scan an app before downloading so that you can see if there are any risks linked with your privacy or identity settings. Privacy Report collaborating map shows in the world personal details and information might be collected.
• Contacts Backup will help to share and restore your contact information and detail across your iPad, Android, or iPhone. SIM Card Lock will work efficiently to lock your phone automatically if it is removed by your phone by anyone.

These are the best security software to install on Android devices. They will work efficiently on any Android smartphones and keep your details, data, and information safe & secure.


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