What are the exact ways to recover AOL Account?

AOL Mail is a great email service that is widely used for personal and official purposes. But sometimes, you get stuck while signing in to your account due to forgotten password or AOL Mail id. In this guide, you will learn the exact procedure to recover your AOL account in a few easy methods. Well, there are multiple ways to recover your AOL Account and we have mentioned all of them one by one. Well, you can call on AOL Helpline Number UK to get connected with the technical team to get your account back.

Method 1: Recover an Inactive AOL Account on Mobile Devices:

The AOL app for mobile devices allows you to identify your AOL Mail, send emails and do much more. It also makes you able to access your AOL Email account from anywhere. Here are the quick steps to re-active AOL email on your mobile devices.

What are the exact ways to recover AOL Account?

• Android users should open Google Play Store
• Whereas, iPhone users should go to Apple’s Play Store
• Windows Phone users must have to open the App Store on their phones
• Now, type AOL in the search bar and tap the first option
• Now, tap on the Install option and allow the application installation to finish
• Start the AOL app and enter the AOL username or email address
• Enter the password and then, log in to your AOL Account
• Now, you successfully have re-activated your AOL Account

Method 2: Recover the AOL Account when you have forgotten the password

In case you have primarily created an AOL account and want to continue while using it and you can easily re-activate it or simply request a new password. In case you haven’t remembered the AOL account password and here is the step to do to reactivate the inactive AOL Account:

• First of all, open an internet browser and go to the AOL website
• Click on login and enter your AOL username
• If you cannot remember it, all you need to click on the Problems to log in the link and after that, please provide the account recovery email address or phone number
• Click on the Next option and you need to click on Login
• Click on the ‘I forgot my password link at the bottom
• Enter your AOL username and click on the Next button
• Enter the phone number or recovery email address linked with your AOL email
• Press the Next option and choose how you want to receive the verification code: call or text message
• If you don’t have access to your recovery contact number and press this link which says, you don’t have to access to this phone
• Check your messages or email and find the AOL Verification code
• Write the verification code in the blank space which displays on the screen and press the Next button
• Enter a new password for your AOL email account and for confirmation purpose, re-enter the same password
• Press the Save button and now, in a new tab, open mail.aol.com
• Enter your AOL username or email address and then, click on the Next button
• Enter the newly created password and login to re-activate AOL email

Method 3: AOL account password change steps

• Firstly, you will need to log in to your AOL Account with your username and password
• Then, you should go to the option Manage your account
• There, you have chosen Password and go to the Change password option
• After that, you need to enter your current password and choose a new password for your AOL Account and confirm it.
• It is recommended that you select a strong and easy to remember the password to stay away from other issues
• Finally, click on the Save option and you are done

When you are done with the above-given methods, then you are done with the recovery process. If you are facing any issue while conducting these steps, then call on AOL Customer Care Number UK for instant help regarding the issue. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can.


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