Things to do when forgot AOL mail password

AOL Mail is the best email service and comes with a unique feature that enhances the experience of users. This email service is the best way to communicate with others via emails. It comes with ample storage space through which you can send emails with attachment. You can easily create an AOL account and use the credentials to login to the AOL Account. But sometimes, you get stuck when you try to login to your AOL account and the same time you forget your password. You will not able to conduct a successful AOL Login which means you need to recover your AOL Password. If you don’t know how to recover the password then, don’t worry about this guide, you will learn the exact procedure to recover the forgotten password.

Things to do when forgot AOL mail password

Reset AOL Mail Password:

Along with many websites, AOL has moved away from password recovery. It provides a password reset option as a more safe and secure approach. AOL has developed simple procedures to do so. They are updated occasionally but basically entail similar steps.

• First of all, go to AOL Mail Sign-in page
• Now, enter your AOL username
• Then, select Sign in and choose I forgot my password
• Enter your username and choose Next
• Enter the phone number linked with the Account that you entered when you have created the account
• Choose Next and to review your identity, AOL needs to enter a verification code. Select either Yes, text me a verification code or Call me with a verification code
• Make a note of the verification code which you received in the text message or phone call
• Enter the verification code and then, choose Verify
• Enter the new password which you would like to use
• Select Save and login to your AOL Mail account using your New Password

When you are done with these simple steps, you are ready to use your AOL Account with a new password. And if you are facing any issue then, call on AOL Support Number UK to get in touch with the technicians regarding the recovery steps.

Here are a few ways to Remember Passwords

Forgetting passwords is a common occurrence just as common as passwords. At the place of keeping a handwritten list or trusting on your memory, store passwords in a password manager. Various secure options are available from storing them in a browser to download third-party programs. Double-check on ant method which you use to secure your passwords are store in an encrypted format so that un-trusted parties cannot decipher them simply.

Create Secure Passwords for AOL:

• Please avoid using anything usual and easy to guess such as 123456 or name basically, avoid very basic common terms
• The lengthier the password the more secure it is. Don’t use letters and numbers in an obvious pattern which is easy to identify by the hackers
• Don’t use the same password that you used for another site for making every password unique and easy to remember for you but it is hard to crack for another person unknown or known to you
• Do not use personal information as it is simple to hack the password, use a password manager and don’t trust only your memory for a secure password
• Do not create passwords on personal details like addresses, birth dates, and phone numbers. Update and change passwords constantly, and use a nonsense phrase as a password

Password safeguards your information from people known or unknown to you. Passwords should always have a combination of unique phrases and words which you remember but do not reveal to the external world. They should never be able to guess your password

Follow the given steps to set a new password for your AOL Account. Also, call on AOL Contact Service UK to get instant help regarding the resolution. The teams are available all the time to help you and serve best in recovering your forgotten password and also to set a strong password for your AOL Account.


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