Reliable Resolution For AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

AOL mail is the best email service that allows you to communicate with others through email or message. This mail is designed specifically to provide excellent communication facilities for personal or professional purposes. You can send even large attachments, files or photos in the shortest time frame. It is the best and secure email service and it also comes with some outstanding features that enhance the experience of users. As said, nothing is designed perfectly so when it comes to AOL mail then, it also comes with some technical glitches in which Error Code 104 is one of them. Well, you can fix all errors and glitches on your own by following a few troubleshooting steps. But calling on AOL UK Support Help Center Service is the best way for instant and reliable support from the expert technicians.

In this guide, we will discuss the exact resolution steps for Error 104. But before that, have a look at the symptoms and causes of this error code so that you can know more about this error and avoid them in the future.

Reliable Resolution For AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

Symptoms of AOL desktop gold error 104

AOL desktop gold error 104 can comes at a time of downloading and installing this software and then, it will not open. Therefore, to know why this issue comes, here are some possible symptoms of AOL desktop 9.8 problems.

• When AOL Desktop gold error 104 comes then, the active window will start crashing
• The window will start responding slowly to the mouse or any other keyboard inputs
• The system will constantly freeze for a few seconds at the time once the AOL desktop error 104 comes

Causes of AOL Desktop Gold Error”

• This error code comes due to some reasons which are given below
• In case, if the damaged and corrupted AOL Instant Messenger software is downloaded on the system
• If the user installs the AOL instant messenger software incompletely and improperly
• In case, if the windows registry get damaged and corrupted from current AOL Instant Messenger ailed tool
• If the windows system files get damaged or corrupted by the Malware infection

These are a few reasons that get you stuck with an error code 104. Obviously, when this error code occurs, you will not able to use AOL Desktop Gold. In that case, below-given methods will work greatly to fix this error code on your own.

Steps to Fix AOL Error 104:

There is some resolution through which you can remove AOL error 104 easily and simply. Let’s start with the resolution steps.

Step 1: First of all, you should uninstall the previous step of the AOL Desktop Gold for your windows

Step 2: After uninstalling the setup, you can download AOL Desktop Gold again

Step 3: After downloading the new setup of AOL Desktop Gold reinstall the new setup again and make sure that this time the installation should be completed

Step 4: After restarting or rebooting your PC again just open your AOL Desktop Gold Setup and check if you get any error

A solution of AOL Desktop Gold Error 104

Installation errors can stuck and irritate a user because they are not able to use the services after paying for the service. Therefore, to resolve AOL Desktop Gold Error code 104, move ahead with the below-given methods

Use an Antivirus Software Program

There are chances that, your PC is infected by some malware or viruses. Therefore, use an antivirus software program and scan the entire computer. Then, remove all the specious folders and files from your PC

System Compatibility

Make sure that your computer meets all the system requirements to use the AOL Desktop Gold software. Otherwise, you will continuously face the errors with AOL Desktop Gold software

Clear Junk Files from your Computer

Unused files stored in the computer occupy the HDD space and make the PC slow. Now, delete the unwanted files from your PC

When you are cone with the above-given steps then, you are ready to use AOL Desktop Gold software again on your device. You can call on AOL Helpline Number UKto get instant help from the technical teams. The teams are available 24x7 to help you in any manner they can. There are no such errors that cannot be resolved by the technical teams.


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