How to use the call facility on the HP laptop?

HP VoiceTabs have built-in voice calling features that allow you to use the phone-tablet in the same way which you would use a smartphone. In this guide, we will learn more about phone features on your VoiceTab. You can easily add a call facility on the HP Laptop by just following a few steps given below. Make sure to use a strong and stable internet connection.

Inserting SIM cards

HP VoiceTabs has two SIM card slots, enabling the together use of two services in one device. Both SIM cards are in standby mode when not in use. Once you make or receive a phone call on one SIM card, the other one is temporarily disabled for the call duration.

To access the SIM card slots, just remove the back cover of the device. The slots are located beside the battery in the Slate 7 VoiceTab and above the battery in the Slate 6 VoiceTab

Once both SIM card slots are in use, the status bar appears at the top of the VoiceTab screen displays two signal-strength bars, accompanied by the numbers 1 and 2. If one of the SIM card slots is empty, the signal-strength bar is replaced by a SIM icon with a question mark.

The MicroSIM, that supports W-CDMA and GSM, is number 1 (SIM1). The miniSIM, that supports GSM only is number 2 (SIM2). When making a call with both SIM card slots in use, you can choose which SIM card you want to bill every time you make a call.

How to use the call facility on the HP laptop?

Making a Phone Call

• Follow the below-given steps in this section to place an outgoing call by using the VoiceTab • On the Home screen, touch the blue phone icon
• The keypad appears, with three tabs appear at the top of the screen: phone icon, call history icon, and contact icons. Choose the phone tab to enter a phone number by using the keypad
• Now, touch the numbers on the keypad to enter the phone number which you want to call
• Touch one of the green phone icons to place the call from the corresponding SIM card

NOTE: If only one SIM card is installed in the device then, only one green phone icon is active

• For ending the phone call, touch the rebar with a white phone icon appears at the bottom of the screen

Answering a Phone Call

• Use the information given in this section to answer or just decline an incoming call on your VoiceTab

NOTE: When you make or receive a phone call on one SIM Card, the other SIM card is disabled for the call duration on a temporary basis. Incoming calls to the other SIM card go directly to voicemail

• When there is an incoming call on the VoiceTab, the screen shows a white phone icon with a circle of dots
• Answer or decline the incoming call just by sliding your finger along the surface of the screen to one of the icons in the outer circle:

Decline the call: Swipe your finger toward the red phone icon to disconnect the incoming call

Accept the call: Swipe your finger toward the green phone icon to answer the incoming call

Decline the call and send a text message: Just swipe your finger toward the message icon to disconnect the call and send a text message reply. You can after that, select from a menu of default messages, or create a custom message to send to the caller

Customize Phone Call Settings and Options

• You can change the phone ringtone, vibration, and other settings in the call settings menu. For accessing the call settings menu, just follow the given steps:
• On the Home Screen, touch the blue phone icon
• Call settings can be accessed from either phone, history, or contacts tab. From any tab, touch the menu icon and after that, touch Settings that appear in the drop-down list
• Configure the call settings as per your preferences

Follow the above-given steps to setup and configure call on your HP Laptop. Call on HP Support Number UK for instant and reliable support regarding the resolution. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can. The teams are known for their certified nature where you can get all the queries resolved as soon as possible.


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