How to troubleshoot HP printer Issues in a quick way?

HP Printer is known for its excellent printing speed and high functionality. HP Printer won’t print is a very common issue that can result from many various reasons such as defective connections, mission or old drivers, and bad configuration in Windows. In this guide, we will discuss the resolution of HP Printer Problems that sometimes get you stuck as you cannot print anything.

How to troubleshoot HP printer Issues in a quick way?

Sol 1: Check HP Printer Status

Make sure that your HP Printer has enough paper in the paper tray. If there is paper then, make sure that none of it is jammed or stuck in the paper feed. If there is any available then, check with your manufacturer on the best way for removing the paper as you do not want to damage the internal motor or paper feeder

Check your ink or toner? Consult your printer’s manual for how to check the ink levels or toner level for your PC. New HP printers will simply appear the ink levels or if there are ink errors on the form the screen of the HP Printer

If you need to have your HP Printer serviced you might need to contact HP directly through customer support

Sol 2: Cancel all HP Printer Works

It is a bit technical but not too tricky which you cannot give it a try. Multiple times during the life of HP Printer jobs which you send to it from printing can become stuck in the printing queue.

If the job in question stays in the print queue, it can stop all other printing from occurring causally on your HP Printer. In this case, clearing the printing line of all works might help get the advanced print requests to go through just fine. Let’s start,

• Go to your Windows Control Panel and choose “Devices and Printers”
• Your control panel can be reached by typing “Control Panel” in the search bar on Windows 10 same time for opening the Run dialog. Type ‘Control’ and press ‘Enter’ to open Control Panel in most Windows operating system
• Find your HP Printer in the list of printing devices and make sure of your issues. Right-click o that printer and choose “See what’s printing from the drop-down list
• When the new page opens then, click on the ‘printer’ menu item appears in the top right and choose ‘Open as Administrator’ in the drop-down menu
• Open the ‘Printer’ menu item appears in the top right ‘Again’ and select ‘Cancel All Documents’. At this time a confirmation dialog window might open and you will need to confirm you want to clear all documents in the print queue just by choosing ‘yes’
• Now try to run a print again on that HP Printer to see if that was the issue. If that didn’t work then try the next steps

Sol 3: Set Your HP Printer Ad Default Printer

Basically when you send a print request then Windows will send that print job to what is called the default printer. If your printer is all hooked up but nothing is printing it could be that your HP Printer isn’t set to default in Windows

• Therefore, all your printing requests aren’t going to your printer, but into a blank void of no return. Let’s check that and make sure that HP is Default Printer
• Go to your Windows Control Panel and choose “Devices and Printers”
• Find your HP Printer in the list of printing devices and make sure that it is the one that you are having issues with. Right-click on that printer and choose ‘Set as default printer’ from the drop-down menu. If there is a confirmation prompt then, click on Yes. Or just call on HP Support Number UK to get instant and reliable help.
• Now, you will see a nice little Green Check Mark appears below the icon of your HP Printer, it means now the default printer for Windows

Sol 4: HP Printer Troubleshooting

There are some really easy troubleshooting items which you can do to make sure that you can print to your HP Printer if it stops working or has never worked

• First of all, check the connection cables from the wall power to the HP Printer power connector. Then, check the cabling from your printer to the Windows PC it may be connected too, is the USB Cable gently in place on both ends?
• If there is a network cable that is running to the HP Printer for HP network printing make sure that the Ethernet cable is snug and review your manual to see that if there should be lights blinking for indicating a network connection.

Are there lights on at the front of your HP Printer? If they aren’t and the printer doesn’t look to be powered on then try to unplug it back in. After that make sure to press the On button and if the light still does not turning on then try another power plug in our home just in case that outlet is out. If nothing works and your printer just won’t power on, then you may need to take it to a service center or contact HP Contact Number UK directly for the hardware help. The teams are always there to help you in any manner they can.


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