How to resolve Error AOL Not Responding on iPhone?

AOL Mail is the best email service that is compatible with all devices such as iPad, iPhone, PC, and Mac. When you refresh your AOL email from the Mail app in iOS then, sometimes the users may be getting an error message on the iOS device like “Cannot Get Mail, the mails server isn’t responding or be sure that you have entered appropriate account information in the Mail settings option. The issue can be frustrating sometimes, there might be a chance that an issue occurs with the email settings, and sometimes it may just due to a technical glitch with the email server or because of the internet connection you have generated in your iOS device. Let’s move with the resolution procedure to fix this issue.

About IMAP AOL com error:

AOL has been providing free email addresses for a long time and is known for its unlimited mailbox storage. Call on Aol Technical Support Help Desk to know more information and details regarding this issue. AOL email users basically don’t have to delete emails to make room for new emails. Although they sometimes ace common issues and the reasons are given below:

How to resolve Error AOL Not Responding on iPhone?

• AOL Mail loading issues can be lead by the wrong internet connection established in your device
• Because of massive outgoing and incoming emails, AOL Mail not working error occurs
• Any technical obstacle with the email serve can cause emails not loading issues
• Sometimes, it occurs due to the wrong AOL Password

Experiencing problem of Mail Server IMAP is not responding while refreshing your mailbox then, don’t worry, it is just a technical error that can be resolved by using certain methods. In this post, we will discuss certain methods with easy-to-conduct steps which will help in fixing the issue of the Mail Server IMAP AOL isn’t responding. Follow the given steps to fix the issue and restart your work.

Effective methods to fix mail server IMAP AOL isn’t responding in the shortest time frame.

Method 1: Uninstall and Reinstall the AOL Account

At times, because of heavy incoming and outgoing emails, the mail account not works properly. This leads to the issue of the Mail Server IMAP AOL Com Is Not Responding. The quick and best resolution for this issue is to uninstall and reinstall the account. When reinstalling in a fresh manner, the settings are auto-corrected and it should fix this error.

Method 2: Fix Mail AOL.Com took too long to respond

Step 1: Open Settings

Unlock your phone and then, click on the menu option and then, press the settings icon

Step 2: Select Accounts and Password option

When the settings icon opens then, scroll down and search the Accounts and Password option. Click on it

Step 3: Open the Email Account

When the accounts and password option open then, you will see a list of mail accounts which you use. Click on the emails ID which isn’t responding

Step 4: Delete

When you click on the mail ID and use the red button to delete the account

Step 5: Go back to the main menu

After deleting the account, press the black button to go to the main menu. Let the phone rest for a whole to synchronize the new setting

Step 6: Click on Settings

After sometime, again click the settings options in the menu list

Step 7: Click on Account and Password

When you open the setting options, just scroll down and click on the Accounts and Password icon

Step 8: Add Account

After you enter the Accounts and Password section and go to the Add account option and click on it

Step 9: Select from the list of email providers

When you click on the Add Account option, you’ll see an Email ID list such as Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL and etc. Choose the AOL account which is giving your problems

Step 10: Sign In

When you choose the email provider (which you want), then you will be asked for username and password. Here, you have to enter the important details and your issues linked with My AOL Mail Isn’t Responding should solve.

If you still are experiencing the same issue, then calling on the AOL Customer Care number is the only way to get this issue resolved. The teams are always there to help you in any manner they can. Whether it is any tough or easy issue of AOL, the well-experienced teams are capable to resolve them without taking too much time.


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