How to reset HP Inkjet Cartridge in few simple steps?

HP printer is the best printing machine that is designed to provide excellent printing speed. The printing quality totally depends on the ink and the functionality of ink cartridges. One common complaint you will hear about printers is that it is almost cheaper to replace the printer than to purchase for it. That is usually not pretty true, except for very low-cost printers, but the ink is definitely a major expense. Refilling cartridges is much cheaper, and it is a way across the notorious HP printer tricolour cartridge problem. Generally, if you run out of one colour then, you sometimes cannot even print black unless the colour cartridge is replaced. Call on HP Support Number UK for complete assistance regarding the pink cartridge. But HP, like other brands, often will not identify the refill. Unless you find a workaround to reset it, your printer will still report the cartridge as being empty.

How to reset HP Inkjet Cartridge in few simple steps?

Old Cartridge Method

If you keep a bag of used cartridges on hand and take them periodically to the recycler, you can think of this technique as your reward. Take out your newly refilled cartridge, replacing them with a pair of old ones. Wait for the printer to identify these cartridges and- depending on the model- print a cartridge alignment page. Remove the cartridges and replace them with a second set of out-dated cartridges. After the cycle completes, remove your old cartridges and replace them with the latest refilled ones. The printer should see them as new, as many models have only enough memory for storing the last two sets of the installed cartridges.

No-Cartridge Method

Some models are capable of tracking up to five sets of cartridge recognizers in their memory, allowing another technique. In this case, you will easily remove your cartridges, shut off your printer and enable it again for at least 20 seconds. It replaces the information of cartridge in one of those memories with a blank. Now, repeat the procedure an extra four times and the memory of your printer should be empty. When you return your refilled cartridges to the printer, it should have forgotten the page count, identifying them as new. You can call on HP Printer Help Number UK to get connected with the technical experts for instant resolution.

The Tape Method

A third and simple method uses tape to prevent the printer when it tries to ID the cartridge. You will place small pieces of tape on specific contacts on the print cartridge, start the printer, and after that take the cartridge out and move the tape to a second location. This technique is trickier because various cartridges need you to cover several contacts, and the sequence can change.

The company which refills your cartridges may have this detail on its website or provide it just through telephone, or you can do an internet search to get the specific instructions for your cartridge. Keep in mind that you may need to clean the cartridge with alcohol when you are done to remove any persistent adhesive.

Reset HP Ink Cartridges with Chips

Instead of trusting on the printer for storing page counts, the late-model HP Printer usually has a chip right on the cartridges for this. Those are a bit trickier. Depending on the age of the software of your printer, it may simply provide you the option of overriding the driver and telling it to treat it as new. That’s a change the company made in response to legal pressure from unhappy customers.

Otherwise, you’ll require popping off the factory chip with a small screwdriver, or similar tool, and replacing it with a third-party “auto-reset chip” or ARC. Those are available without or with ink level monitoring and they will allow you to use your refilled cartridges without a fuss.

By following a few given steps, you can easily reset HP Ink Cartridges. Call on HP Printer Phone Number UK to get in touch with the technical teams for instant and reliable support regarding the issue. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can. The teams are well experienced and known for providing remote assistance for exact resolution.


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