How to instantly fix AOL error “Cannot get mail”?

Whether it is professional or personal, your mail id is an important thing that you frequently check in a day. Even after relentless attacks of the messaging apps such as WhatsApp and all, email has never lost its charm and importance. For important communication, people prefer the AOL mail app to other apps. It is quite acceptable that you will get anxious when something wrong happens to your AOL Mail app on your iPhone.

It is now common that people have set up their email ids on iPhone so that they can instantly send and receive some important emails. But when they face this “Cannot Get Mail” error on their iPad and iPhone, they are the most irritating.

Solution 1: Check the Internet connection on iPhone

The first thing to check your Internet connection and whether using cellular data or Wi-Fi and make sure, it is fast and continuous to avoid mail server connection failed error or iPhone

Solution 2: Restart your iPhone

Restarting iPhone fixes most of the errors. Hold and press the Home and Power button unless you see the Apple logo and try to open your mails via the Mail App. The mail server failure issue should be resolved.

Solution 3: Delete and Re-enter mail account on iPhone

Delete your mail account and again add it and re-enter the username and password that often makes the mail work on your iPhone, without giving the error

How to instantly fix AOL error “Cannot get mail”?

• Steps to re-enter accounts and password:
• First of all, go to Settings > Passwords and Accounts on iPhone
• Choose the mail account and then, click on Delete Account
• Now, go back to Account and Passwords and add your account again

Solution 4: Change the mail account password on iPhone

Changing your mail account password can also sometimes fix iPhone error, “Cannot Get Mail: The connection to the server failed”

In case your Mail App isn’t opening at all, you can change the password by visiting the website of your mail account through Chrome, Safari, or Opera

Solution 5: Move emails to a different folder

Some users able to open their mails by moving them to a temporary folder from Inbox and you can also try to open your emails by this solution. Here are the steps to move emails to the temporary folder

• Choose the mails from Inbox which you want to open
• Now, use the “Move” option to move mails to a new folder
• Then, visit the folder and access the mails

Solution 6: Mails Server Connection Error on iPhone

If you are not able to access your Outlook emails on iPhone because of mail server connection error, contact your Exchange administrator. There are chances he/she has an unmarked or Exchange server which allows you to access mails on your iPhone. The exchange administrator will change the Microsoft Exchange Security settings. You can then access your Microsoft outlook mails on your iOS device

Solution 7: Reset Network Settings on your iPhone

If the above ways fail to resolve “Cannot Get Mail: The connection to the server failed” issue movie to “Reset Network Settings” method.

• Steps to reset Network settings on iPhone:
• Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
• Now, enter your passcode
• Select Reset Network Settings
• Restart your iPhone

Note: Reset Network Settings help to clear your saved Wi-Fi networks, passwords, and cellular settings. You’ll have to re-enter your network preferences and passwords after following this step to resolve mail server connection error on iPhone

Solution 8: Factory reset your iPhone

Select this method as the last option to resolve the issue of not able to get mail

Now, hard reset or factory reset leads to finish loss of iPhone data. Always backup your device in iTunes or iCloud before conducting hard reset

These are a few solution steps through which you can solve your AOL “Cannot Get Mail” issue. If still you are facing the same, it is advisable to get in touch with technicians at AOL Contact Support Number UK. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can. The teams are highly experienced and known for providing instant resolution to you.


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