How to fix if AOL Mail doesn’t work?

Email service in today’s time has become a very essential internet-based service as it helps the people around the globe with the easy maintenance of communication with the help of the email service it becomes easy for the users to exchange emails among themselves also the advanced features and the new updated technologies have taken the email services to a whole new level now the email services are not just limited to the exchange of emails now the users can also chat on the email services through messages and can also conduct video conferencing and callings.

There are a lot of email service providers in the cyberworld but here we will talk about the AOL email service particularly as the service is very easy for the users to use and is also quite popular for its advanced features and updated set up, also the experts at AOL Contact number UK further make the email service friendly for the users. Undoubtedly the service is very easy in its set up and usage but few technical glitches are still unavoidable for instant and easy fix of that expert help is the best.

How to fix if AOL Mail doesn’t work?

Here we will particularly discuss the fix of the AOL mail account if it is not working, the AOL mail not working can be in two conditions either the account is unable to receive the mails or it is unable to send them. Here we will focus on the remedy in both the cases and the AOL mail will then be back to normal working. The problem is very common and is not really that tricky for the users to handle if the process gets followed accurately the issue will be fixed in just a few minutes without any complications.

AOL mail not receiving emails-

• If AOL mail is not receiving emails then to get that fixed the user should follow the below-given steps-
• Sign in the AOL mail account with the correct credentials.
• Then move to account settings there choose the option “filter settings”
• Check if there is any email filter already running.
• If there is any filter present then get that deleted.
• Also, check the internet connection.
• The browser and the email service should be updated to the latest version.
• All the cache and cookies should be cleared from the browser.
• The contact list should also be checked if by any chance the receiver is blocked then the user needs to unblock.

AOL mail unable to send Emails –

• Get the system restarted.
• Try AOL log in from another browser.
• Check the name given on the AOL display.
• Get all the cache and cookies cleared from the browser.
• The pop up blocking software will be disabled.
• The antivirus firewall should be disabled.
• Also, internet connection should be checked.
• The user should also check the browser and should get it updated if needed.
• The AOL mail service should also be updated if needed.
• The user should also check the list of blocked contacts and should unblock the receiver of the mail if blocked.
• Also, the user should check the size of the attachment to be sent as the size limit should not exceed the standard AOL mail.

Most commonly when AOL mail stops working the users get to face problems associate with the sending and receiving of the emails, other than that if the users are facing any other problem such as with the login, or with the account sign up procedure or if there is some typical error code to be resolved then the best option is that the user gets in touch with the experts at AOL support number UK.

Though it is very easy to connect with the AOL mail experts through a phone call as the lines are kept open all the time but still, sometimes the users fail to do so due to network issue or some other personal issue but the users are still available at live chats and emails at AOL customer service phone number UK 24*7 none of the AOL related technical issue is out of the knowledge of the experts as most of them are well experienced and therefore they know the resolution for each and every possible AOL issue.


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