How Norton works effectively as Virus protection?

When it comes to protecting your device against viruses, malware or threats then, nothing can beat the performance of Norton antivirus. This antivirus is the best security software for excellent protection. But according to research, the most asked question about Norton is, “Does Norton protect against the virus?” So, the answer is ‘Yes’, Norton is specifically designed to fight against viruses whether it is advanced or emerging. Norton comes with a scanner through which it scans, detects and then, removes the unwanted bugs from your device. Or you can just call on Norton Customer Service UK to get reliable support from the technicians.

How Norton works effectively as Virus protection?

Run Norton scans to recognize threats on your PC

Norton updated virus definitions automatically and scans your PC constantly for a range of threats. If you have been offline or doubt that your device is infected with the virus, you can manually run the:

Quick Scan: Ideal to recognize areas of your computer which are most vulnerable to threats

Custom Scan: Ideal to recognize individual files, folders, or drives if you have doubt that they are at risk

Full System Scan: Ideal to check your whole system that includes less vulnerable applications, files and running processes that those checked while a quick scan

When you install Norton, the first scan might take an hour or more than that to check your whole system

1. Run a Quick Scan, Full System Scan, or Custom Scan

• Start Norton and if you see My Norton window appears next to Device Security and click on Open
• In the Norton main window double-click on Security and click on Scans
• In the Scans window appears next to Scans and Tasks, choose one of the following:
• Quick Scan > Go
• Full System Scan > Go
• Custom Scan > Go and then click on Run that displays next to Drive Scan, File or Folder Scan to navigate to the components which you want to scan
• In the Results Summary window, click on Finish
• If there are items which require attention, check the risks in the Threats Detected window

2. Full System Scan

Full System Scan conducts a deep scan of your PC to remove viruses and other security threats. It checks all records of boot, files and running procedures to which the user has to access. It helps to scan your computer thoroughly and takes a longer time.

When you conduct a Full System Scan with the administrator privileges then, it helps to scan more files when you run it without administrator privileges

Run a Full System Scan:

• Start Norton and if you see the My Norton window, just next to Device Security then, click on Open
• In the Norton main window, double-click on Security and then click on Scans
• In the Scans window, appears under Scans and Tasks click on Full System Scan
• Click on Go and complete the scanning process

3. Custom Scan:

Occasionally, you may want to scan a certain file, removable drives and any of the drives of your computer or any files or folders on your computer. For instance, when you work with removal media and doubt that you have a virus, you can scan that certain disk. Also, if you have received a compressed file in an email message and have doubt that you have a virus then you can scan that individual element.

Scan individual elements

• First of all, start Norton
• In the Norton main window, double-click on Security and click on Scans
• In the Scans window under Tasks and Scans, click on Custom Scan
• Click on Go and in the Scan window, conduct one of the following:

A. To scan certain drives click on Run that appears next to Drive Scan, select the drives which you want to scan and then click on Scan

B. For scanning particular certain folders, click on Run that available next to Folder Scan, select the folder which you have to scan and then click on Scan

C. To scan any files, just click on Run that is available beside File Scan, choose the files that you need to scan and then click on Add. Alternatively, press Ctrl and select more than one file to scan

In the Result Summary Window, click on Finish and if any item needs attention then, verify the, and take the suggested action. Or just call on Norton Contact Service UK for instant support from the technical team. The technical teams are available all the time to help you and they also recommend some excellent tips to stay protected from viruses and other malware.


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