How can I download Avast Free antivirus 2020 on windows 10?

Avast antivirus software is serving towards the cybersecurity around the globe from last more than 3 decades, the software very efficiently keeps away all the harmful elements such as malware, spyware, Trojans and viral attacks from the system and thus ensures that the computer is running smoothly on the system, the software is popular among the computer users because it comes with an easy to use user interface also the features associated with the software are advanced and updated in technical terms but are yet very easy for the users to understand and operate accordingly.

But as most of the Avast antivirus users are from nontechnical backgrounds, therefore, it often happens that the users get stuck even with the basic procedures associated with the antivirus such as the setup procedure, downloading, installing, activating and a lot more. In such cases the users are advised to get connected with the certified team of technicians they can be reached for assistance at Avast technical support number UK.

The users are often seen struggling with the usage of the Avast antivirus software on the Windows 10 operating system, so here we will discuss all the features associated with the Avast Free antivirus 2020 and also we will discuss the process to be followed for the downloading of the software on the computer with windows 10 operating system.

How can I download Avast Free antivirus 2020 on windows 10?

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First of all, let us see all the new features as well as highlights associated with the latest Avast Free antivirus 2020-

Browser cleaner – This particular feature gets all the unnecessary browsers and toolbars and extensions removed from the browser and thus keep it clean also it helps with the restoration if the browser gets hijacked.

Software updater- This allows an automatic update of the software which further keeps the computer safe and also improves its condition.

Remote Support – This feature allows the software user, to help or the user can also get help through the internet.

Easy safety – The advanced Avast antivirus user interface is very easy to use in just one click it keeps all the passwords and also the home network security checked.

Do Not Disturb mode – The latest version of Avast Free Antivirus has got the game mode more advanced with a new name of do not disturb it keeps the activity of the users uninterrupted, be it watching a movie or playing games on the computer.

Behavior shield – This particular feature keeps a check on the behavior of the other applications running on the system.

Smart antivirus - The software is capable of detecting all the viruses such as malware, spyware, Trojans, ransomware and phishing attacks beforehand and thus it becomes easy for the software to keep the computer safe and secure from all these unwanted harmful elements.

Cyber capture – This particular feature is known for providing automatic analysis of the files and data present in the computer this way the software gets the threat identified and further works towards the security of the computer.

If you need more information regarding the features associated with the software then in that case the technicians are the best choice they are available at the service of the users at Avast Technical Help Number UK.

Now that we have discussed the latest features associated with the Avast free antivirus 2020, let us move to the process through which a user can easily get the software downloaded on the computer using Windows 10 operating system.

In order to download Avast Free antivirus 2020 on Windows 10, the user should follow the steps given below –

• On the browser the user should open the Avast antivirus official website.
• There on the website the user should search for the Avast Free antivirus download link.
• The user should click on the download button given there and should then wait for the downloading procedure to complete.

The above-given process is the easiest for the download Avast free antivirus on the computer on Windows operating system 10. If still the user needs to know anything more than this or if there is some problem related to the software that is to be fixed then in that case, it is advisable that the user gets connected with the technical team available at Avast Phone Number UK. If by any chance the technicians are not reachable on the phone then they can also be contacted for help and support through live chats and emails.


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